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What makes you tired!!!!!!!!! I have signed up and worked a couple extra 12 hour shifts!!!!! Duh!!!!!!! And I am tired!!!!! Duh!!!!!!! Maybe, I don't eat right!!!!!!!!! Maybe... Read More

  1. by   frann

    Just one more night and I'm outta there.
    I'm kinda sad. I've been there 6 years on the same floor. We have had some great times. I'm going to miss thoses guys. It's just gotten outta hand there. They want us to be like a step down unit but with ****** staffing.

    But on to new things! Like getting drunk. I think I'll become a alcoholic!! Then I can get detoxed and get tied down and get drugs! Na. Thinking of being a school nurse or maybe walmart greeter. I'd be forcing those damn stickers onto everybody.
  2. by   emergency
    To AYANNA: I am not aware of any of those type areas, but have run across some interesting options, less pt care, investigating and coming up with some positive results - let you know. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. It's nice to know there are so many compassionate and understanding nurses judging from all the replies I have gotten!!
  3. by   GERINRS
    I understand what it's like to be tired. I am working as an agency nurse, working 12 hour nights. Also, every other weekend at a nursing home. Last night I worked a 12 hour shift in a small community hospital. I was soooo tired, I was a fart in a whirlwind. I was regretting ever becoming a nurse. Sometimes it's so demanding. I have personally been thinking of going back to school and becoming a pharmacist. Wouldn't they have a good working environment, with much less stress than a nurse?
  4. by   frann

    I couldn't do it.I couldn't quit. I went to work my last night. We had the party with pizza and icecream. and they even gave me a cute little beany baby bear. I hugged every one goodbye, gave away my locker. I was so sad, teary eyed etc! I hadn't made it home before I called them back up and said I was coming back! LOL
    It just releaved so much tension, saying I was going to quit. We really have some good times together. I think I have just had a bad run. Going to take a few weeks off and go back. But I'm gonna get me a maid to come in every week! I've talked about leaving for over a year. now I've got it out of my system. I really do love the people I work with.
    A couple of them said they cried all the way home that morning.
    I went back later that night, got my locker back and hugged everyone. I hope I get a coming back party!
  5. by   frann

    I was back half an hour when I realized what the have I done!!!!What was I thinking!!! I had 3 "dead" vents and 3 regular patients. It was horrible. and the next night it was still horrible.

    So now I just started my new job in Intervential Radiology. I love It. Everyone is so nice. Even the Doctors! They never sit down though. The manager is great, techs are great etc, etc. We had a inservice this morning by one of the radiologists. at the end he actually complemented everyone on how well they worked the day before( it was real busy) I don't think a doctor has ever said thanks for working so hard.

    I've never been so tired. Its procedure after procedure. whew. Got some new shoes yesterday. Feet feel better.
  6. by   jzkfel
    I just finished a 16 hour shift, 7p-11a. It started as a 12, and then there was a snowstorm, and callouts, and you know how it goes. I slept 4 hours, and then got dinner for my kids. So I guess I am tired. One of the things I like about nursing is being able to work whenever you want, and take time off when you want. I was a teacher before, and got tired of the 9-5 routine. I figure as long as you get 56 hours of sleep in a week you're doing fine, no matter how you spread it out! And the overtime is great! I also like the continuity of putting in longer shifts with the kids I work with.
  7. by   Hardknox
    Work when you want and take time off when you want???????? You must work per diem--because at our facility we are denied vacations, our requested schedules are often changed and we are denied days off in that if you do schedule a day off the manager puts you down for 5 more that week. One 32 hour night nurse was told that she'd have to find replacements for her honeymoon because there was not enough staff on the nights she wanted off. Can you believe it? Night nurses should be treated like gold by management. Needless to say she quit and now has a day job in a Doctor's Office. And we are rotated to nights two weeks out of every six. If you're lucky enough to have Easter Sunday on your weekend off, she'll schedule you for Sunday night, since it's not considered the weekend. I have 10 more working days....
  8. by   Marijke
    What makes me tired? Listening to another surgeon complain about how hard he has to work and isn't getting the recognition he deserves for the amount of education he has. I want to shake him and tell him to have a look at how the rest of the world lives while he is taking 6 holidays a year and lives a life of luxury.
  9. by   sgavette
    Don't you wish the person that makes out your schedule would work it for just one week? To give you an example as to why I am sooooo tired - I work 12 hour shifts - 8p-8a. This weeks schedule - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
    My DON can't even work 5 8hr shifts a week. And to top it off, you don't even get a thank you! I don't know how much more I can do. I really wish I could quit.

  10. by   McCoyRN
    what makes me tired? confused/ steroid psychotic/ pump- headed/ sundowners/ encephalopathic patients. it's not enough to do assessments, meds, charting, care plans, teaching etc etc etc,... but for every five seconds...don't pull on that... you are in the hospital...don't take that off...no, there is no dining suite here, it's not your home...you are in the hospital...don't pull on that...you need to stay in bed...i'ts 2002, ...don't pull on that... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGHGHGHGHGH. can i please just bring in a tape recorder an leave it at the bedside? AND WHY DOES MY NOSE ALWAYS ITCH AFTER MY GLOVED HANDS GET FILTHY???? there's my vent for the day...thanks
  11. by   tapper
    I've never read as many sad tales before reading this thread. If life as a nurse is sooooo bad . . . quit. You can't be doing anything but putting everybody around you in a bad mood with all the negative attitudes you have. Get a job doing something you enjoy! You'll improve your state of mind; as well as those around you that are tired of your whining. Just think you could be the patient . . . and not the person who is supposed to be providing for that patient.
  12. by   mjamesRN
    I was tired when I went in tonight.

    Did two 12-hour shifts (morning slot clean-up and new 3-11 terror) the last two days and another 8 tonight. Slept in (thankful that I was able to), but it didn't make my legs feel any less than the crackling sticks they are after those two back-to-back shifts. Didn't make me feel rested at all.

    Too tired to prepare any food, so I hatefully stop at McDonald's on my way in.

    As I enter the unit I feel like I'm floating in a dream. My shoes, relatively new, are already squeaking and losing their shape against my aching feet.

    My goal tonight was to get one of patients over the hump of her depression and poor appetite after hip surgery and a recent pleural effusion (because she SHOULDN't have been cleared medically for this surgery due to she had a bout of bronchitis over the holidays-- but she has good insurance, right?)

    Was I able to NURSE her????? Was I able to implement my goal for her recovery???? Was I able to be a viable member of a collaborative team in "helping people" get well?? Nnooooooooooooooo:

    I had a transfer from ICU (too much Bupivocaine and poor pressure -- not my fault), two post-ops (one 81-year old bilateral knee ((what is the point??)), and one a young guy with an infected foot with reocurring I&Ds status post an MVA), a direct admit from a rehab with a stage IV decub (with family fluttering about with annoying questions) , and an ER admit (all directs to my slot).

    Am I tired now? hmmmmm. I'm too crispy to feel it if I am. Even the martini is useless.

    And as for the previous post: If I had a husband bringing home the bacon, I could quit. I could have more options. If I was a 22-year old squeak right out of school with Mommy and Daddy paying my cell phone bill, I could quit.

    You patronizing, condescending "experienced" nurses really get on my nerves with your ridiculous ideals when it is your self-serving lack of representation to this field that has let the mess it's in fester into its present-day predicament.

  13. by   sgavette
    You are absolutely right mjamesRN. We are all tired and need to vent. I would love to be able to quit my job and stay home or even work per diem, times of my choice. My 3 children would love me to be at home with them, but I need to also help pay the bills and put food on the table.

    At this point I am actually working on being able to do that. I have begun a business, which I don't have to spend 12 hours a day doing and can eventually go per diem.

    I hope no one feels that they should not express their feelings and frustrations. We all need to have an outlet and this is one of mine.