1. Im pretty sure I have a heel spur in my left foot. I love love love my crocs but i have a high arch and they dont provide much support. Any of you have heel spurs, have any recc. for how to get rid of them, what inserts you wear...thanks

    oh and I recently bought some tennis shoes and its getting better but id like a really good pair of inserts.
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  3. by   ffazd
    I buy inexpensive heel pads at the pharmacy or Wal-Mart. I think they are 'Halo Heel', recommended by my podiatrist. Also, to relieve the plantar fasciitis try calf stretches when you wake up. Also, keep your foot from extending while asleep either by buying a special boot or just wrap in an ace wrap to keep it in a walking position.
    I just posted a similar question regarding footwear for nurses... I have been doing some research, At the Birkenstock footwear site I read they have high arch sandals and clogs available.
  5. by   BrnEyedGirl
    I too have very high arches,..the only "clog" type shoe I can wear is the Birkenstock,...I prefer New Balance or Asics,.I pick up an insert w/every new pair of shoes (I get mine at Finish Line). Ohhh,.just bought a new pair of Nikes,.I usually can't wear Nikes but these are actually narrow and made for people w/high arches,.so far so good.
  6. by   herecomestrouble
    I am just getting over this type of problem my Dr reccommended heel stretches: stand on the edge of a step and slowly let one heel go down as far as you can,alternate heels;stand about 18" inches from a wall and then lean forward against it wihtout lifting your heels from the floor;hold a towel or belt in both hands with the ball of your foot in the loop and pull back.This will stretch the muscle but you have to build up the muscle in your shin too.sit with your foot resting on a kitchen chair and wrap a bungee cord around the back of the chair and the top of your foot then pull your foot back to work the muscles on the front of your leg.
    I also found that when my heel starts to hurt if I do some stretches it relieves the pain for a while.
  7. by   grandee3
    I am so glad this discussion came up again. I have a pair of Crocs and really like them. But, my sock keeps turning and riding down in my left shoe. I tried changing socks even put an insert there, nothing seems to work. I really don't want to change shoes, I really love the Crocs. Any suggestions?
  8. by   Dalzac
    The best shoe I found for high arches was Reebox