Order that says "Don't call MD for pain meds"? - page 7

Hello! I recently took care of a pt with a foot fracture and he only had Tylenol for pain. I don't have any experience yet but I feel that this does nothing for pain of a foot fracture. And the... Read More

  1. by   Qing
    There must be a reason for that order. We cannot assume that he or she does not know what she is doing. Perhaps looking at their record and medical history it may help you understand why that order is written. If there is a history of drug abuse then it makes more sense, but the pt still needs to be assessed for their pain. If there was something that worked besides tylenol and was not a narcotic, or something that was given in conjunction with tylenol- is that something to try to help the patient? Clarify with the doctor about this order if you need more information.
  2. by   Casha19
    I love these orders! Many of my on call drs do not like to give narcotics because they do not know the patient. Like someone else said many patients will wait until another dr is on call to try to play the system with a different person. If they are in pain i as a night nurse tells the patient to continue taking what i have for pain even if you dont think its helping and have a honest talk with your dr in the day when he comes to see you. There is nothing that I can do when it comes to pain meds.