Or does anyone have any advice on how to make a miserable job work?

  1. To make a long story short- I left a great specialized floor where I started out as a new grad and transferred to a hospital within the same system, just a different city due to my husband's job relocation. SO- I am on a med/surg floor, and 2 months in, and I am miserable, having a lot of anxiety, etc. Apparently before I came, a lot of staff left, and now, what staff is left is extremely disgruntled, and are all upset b/c they are switching to team nursing. I tried so hard to form my own opinions about it all, but I struggled at first going from specialty to general; and when I finally felt like I had a grasp, they switched to team nursing and it just pretty much went downhill. My issue is- I have always struggled with my own desire to do floor nursing- it is not what I wanted to do long term, just wanted to get experience before I moved on. Some people have told me to stick it out- that I just need to give it more time. I know every job has downfalls and bad days- but this is really affecting me. I feel like 2 years (total of nursing) is too soon to be burnt out; but Even as a new grad at my old job- I never felt like this, and most days here are followed in tears. So my question is- Would it be bad to leave a job after 2-3 months (If I found a good option off the floor- not a quick fix, but something thought out)? Or does anyone have any advice on how to make a miserable job work? (At least for a while).
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Med/surg can be pure madness to even the most seasoned nurse.

    Personally, I would seek another job ASAP. A special place exists in the heavens for med/surg nurses. I know that I would not want to do it for long.
  4. by   crb613
    I agree if you are miserable its time to move on. It is not fair to you or your patients. I wish you much luck, and hope you find a position that makes you happy. Kinda like the saying....If you love your job...you'll never work a day in your life!
  5. by   caliotter3
    My only advice is to have something else to go to before resigning. The job market is too unstable these days to risk being unemployed. Best wishes.
  6. by   prettymica
    Quit and look elsewhere. You should not be miserable at work all the time. HUGS!!