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Howling at the Moon Warm and Fuzzy No More: It's Time For Nurses To Use their clout by Mark Jorgensen RN of Omaha, Neb. it has been refreshing for a change to read some readers opinions... Read More

  1. by   nurs4kids
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mijourney

    But, I've never failed to acknowledge, as nurs4kids has, the role that nurses play in our underminings. Also, in reality, I do pick and choose my fights which means I'm not a passive stand-byer in my profession.

    please explain to me what I've failed to acknowledge????
  2. by   Lisamulti
    I agree tenfold-- I think, Cen35--that your right--also if some nurse thinks your being sexist and blaming women--they didn't read correctly. BUT NOW what do we do?Stage a million medical strike? $10 from all people from state and gov (20 total) tax--for OUR pay to take care of ALL US CITIZENS? because I'm trying to think where the money would come from. you said it like it is-now I say what to do?
  3. by   nurs4kids
    ugh...rick is my MANE MAN...I never intended to imply I thought he is/was being sexist. Sexy, maybe..sexist, nah ;D
  4. by   JennieBSN

    I caught your drift....don't worry.

    Woo hoo, sexy Rick!! HAH!!
  5. by   CEN35
    LMAO!! @ You all!!
  6. by   donmurray
    nurs4kids, I thought that mijourney was agreeing with your acknowledging there was a problem. Perhaps there is something in the passive/docile personality types being attracted to nursing.
    That said, blaming the unions for "only improving benefits" denies the fact that any union is can only be as strong as its members allow it to be. Individual efforts by "troublemakers" get bogged down in apathy and meek acceptance of the status quo. There are few harder places to be than standing up to management asking/negotiating/demanding something on behalf of your colleagues , then turning around to find yourself suddenly very lonely! With a union, you can collectively seek improvemnts in your working conditions without the need or upheaval of moving on. Having a union, working for and with its members can even the power balance which normally operates in management's favour. Was it not FDR who said" Talk softly, but carry a big stick!"
  7. by   P_RN
    Unfortunately for many of the older nurses there is simply not enough time left to start again.

    well, wildtime..I'd think those older nurses would be on the forefront of some movement to improve nursing. The older nurses I work with have the "well, it ain't as bad as it used to be..I can remember when we had to.." attitude.

    I, being ONE of the older nurses* tee hee...would like to add....

    In the olden days it "used to be"....hmmmm a team of TWENTY patients with one tech.....LPNs didn't do IVs so you'd have to do the IV's for the other team too......yep one RN one LPN for 40 patients....... BUT.....big but here.......very few meds......patients were admitted for weeks to months with back pain......I even stayed a WEEK for my carpal tunnel surgery!

    8 amCharting consisted of.....resting. no c/o.
    1 PM Tol lunch well...no c/o
    3PM...has had a good day...watching TV family @ bedside.....

    Yep...we "used to"

    Don't let anybody pull your chain over this.......today is tough and we have to be tougher....we DESERVE better.......

    Only thing in the olden days I miss (besides 8hr shifts)....is we used to really have a positive public image.....if you were a nurse....you were almost HOLY...you were held in AWE. I miss that part.

    Go gettem youngun's