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I have not slept well for about a week straight because my back is freakin' KILLING me. I have sciatica and mild degenerative disc disease, so I'm totally used to having back pain, but for the... Read More

  1. by   shay
    The verdict is in: pinched nerve (good call, Joyrochelle). Bedrest, steroids, vicodin as needed. Thanks y'all.
  2. by   rachet65
    I went to Ohio State. LOVED the program there. It was honestly 4 of the best years of my life. I love modern-especially Paul Taylor and Mark Morris. Was always told I was too tall for ballet, but loved it so much, that I subjected myself to pointe shoes for several years. (have had surgery on both feet because of the damage I did) Oh, the things we do when we have a passion for something!

    And Shay- I also had a pinched nerve (in my neck) Had 6 weeks of physical therapy scheduled, but by the 2nd week, it got worse, so I left and went to a chiro for the 1st time. After 2 sessions, I was 90% better. This is why I swear by chiropractors. I never had to take pain meds that just mask the pain, and the results are usually much faster. Have you tried a chiropractor yet?
  3. by   Nurse K-Bear
    I did not realize that I hurt my back until two days after I hurt it. My pain started in my right hip and radiated to my spine. It was hard to straighten up and bending was just not happening! I renewed my week at work and figured I hurt it from repetative movement. Since the hoyer lift at my hospital does not exceed 350 I could not use it on this one large post op lady. She had frequent diarrhea and had to be transffered and rolled a million timies. One final boost after 4 days on and she did not boost up in bed, she actually was literally lifted and then boosted. The other cna I was giving care with immediately felt her back pain and was in the OR in 3 hours for a laminectomy. I had PMS so I thought my pain was just cramps. You need to review in your mind the transfers and body mechanics you used in the last few days that could of caused this pain. This is helpful in treatment. For instance, when I boosted my patient, I was moving up to my right. My disc herniates to the right and all of my pain is mostly on my right side. I pulled a muscle in my hip at the time as well. Now if I boost or lift to my left I do not feel pain. I never boost on my right anymore I am to nervous that I will hurt myself again. Good luck at your appointment.
  4. by   shay

    Haven't gone to Chiro yet. I'm kind of scared, actually. I told folks I was thinking about going, and everybody freaked, says chiros are charlitains, quacks, etc. and that they make you 'dependent' on them. Say that you can't get 'fixed' in one visit, that they have you keep coming back again and again and again. Still not sure what to think. When I have my recheck appt. in one week I'm going to talk to my doc about it, he's honest and I've worked with him on a professional level, so I trust his judgement.

  5. by   dianah
    I fell off a horse years ago, and got severe muscle spasm in my neck (and I have to wear lead apron @ work, in Angio/Cath Lab, which did NOT help pain!). I reasoned, conventional medicine will give me painkillers and muscle relaxants, and I may be off work for a specified amt of time . . . I went to a chiropractor (with my x-rays) and, as has been mentioned in another's comments above, committed to 3 sessions/week for about a month, tapering off to two/week, then one/week. Had the electrical stim (like a TENS) first, under hot pack, then gentle manipulation (and I don't just let anyone touch my back - it's a thing . . .) and ending w/massage and instructions to "continue in your normal routine." It REALLY helped! One day I felt pain in my mid-back, medial to scapula, as that area was touched. "Oh," he remarked, "You have a rib out." He pushed on it briefly, quickly -- and just as quickly the pain was gone. I have, however, also heard stories about quack chiros. I venture to say any profession has good ones and bad ones, the bad ones possibly giving the profession overall, a bad name. BTW, I learned through my experience @ the chiropractor: place a pillow under ankles, to flex 'em, when one is on one's stomach, as the pillow eases low back tension. I offer this to pts having to lie prone for nephro tube placement, myelogram, discogram, etc. It helps most; some prefer without, however (possibly pathology-related preference). My sincerest wishes for SPEEDY and long-lasting healing for all you (us!) healers suffering with back pain!! ------ Diana
  6. by   rdhdnrs
    Oh, honey, I hope you get well soon. Hey, a doctor's excuse for ain't all bad!!!
    All my best.
  7. by   mother/babyRN
    Shay you poor thing! From my hip to your shoulder! Gosh, this suffering thing is a pain in the neck! (hip, shoulder)..I hope YOU feel better! Feel horrible that YOU feel horrible! Hugs!