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Heya!!, wow, Im a british male student nurse, and firstly, hi! secondly do all nurse in the US, austraila, everywhere infact wear scrubs? I dont, I wish I did, "surgical blues" (scrubs) are so... Read More

  1. by   pjdk9
    I work in critical care and do Open Heart recovery. Most do wear scrubs but not provided by hospital
    I'm in So Fl and we used to be able to wear fish/tropical patterns but no longer. We only can wear white or royal blue scrubs/uniforms!
  2. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by Laura C
    In reading the threads I read a comment from mario_ragucci that bothered me a little.

    My question is why do you hate over weight nurses/people?
    Please Laura...I didn't mean to bother you, and I always apologize up front for my words. It bothers me too, and is why I said it, so people might help to stomp it out.

    We are programmed to dislike a certain body shape, as opposed to accepting everyone. 100% of the time you will be reminded of something to lose weight and look better, and 0% messages for just loving one another (which starts with loving yourself). In our civilization, it's okay to make fun of each other in any way we can, and I don't like it. It makes us all at odds with each other by default, hurts everyone and promotes disharmony. All you have to do is look into a persons eyes and share don't have to make an issue about looks. Don't want to sound like a hypocrite, because I did say I have certain tastes, but in my world I think of loving each other as a default, when in this reality caring for and loving anyone et. al. is a reserved feeling we should be sharing amongst each other too. I'm sorry :-(
  3. by   ballyk
    I had to laugh , when you were talking about the colonies I was sure you meant AUSTRALIA. The best insult anyone ever gave me wa in Scotland ,a nd when I was trying to make her a cup of tea (bare with me long story) I asked was that balck or white? She repleid in this very toffy accent "tea , MY DEAR COLONIAL is WITH ,milk or without" I still laugh about it now." Yes she was a rude so and so but the insult was precious!
    PS in my workplace ICU nurses wear scrubs our ED docs wear green (so they can be like ER LOL) and everyone else wears whatever they like in a coporate theme. me I wear trousers/shorts when its hot (as long as my legs are shaved) and a shirt NOT A pretty site if you are doing CPR or responding to aggressive pateint in a dress
  4. by   das
    I work in a Hem/Onc Office and I wear srubs. First for comfort second because I am the mixing nurse. Yep~I mix those nasty drugs and I launder my own scrubs too. Our hospital went to all scrubs and the nurses are responsible for their own scrubs laundering except. ICU/CCU, OR, Cath lab, Ob/SCN and Special procedures.
  5. by   BritishStudent
    In britian, Scrubs (in the OR, ER and ICU's) have a low Vneck cut (at least the only ones Ive seen) and the girls all tape up the fronts so they dont show clevage

    do you have this problem?
  6. by   das
    Oh yes and having more cleavage than others I wear a tank top under my scrub top. I like the simplest of scrub no fancy extras just draw string pant and a top with 2-3 pockets.