Online Narc Scripts???

  1. My brother in law told me that he just got a Percocet script online. Is this possible? And legal?? This is a first I've heard of this before.
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    Well isnt this grand for the mighty online....
    Now if the addicted can steal a computer and just order thier drugs instead of coming into the ER and jamming up the waiting room.
    Just my thoughts on the progress of the world in general.
  4. by   renerian
    Wow I would tell him to be leary....

  5. by   RN always
    I've heard that those drugs are made in other countrys and may or may not be the same quality. Could have different ingredients in them.
  6. by   P_RN
    He got the actual PILLS? I've seen some online "consultants" who will write Rx for things like Viagra and Zoloft for a fee....usually exorbitant......and sell you the pills for 2-3x the cost. But narcotics!!!!
  7. by   lynn1967
    You can get diet pills online. I cant remember the names right offhand--Bontril comes to mind and Fastin. You pay about 100.00 for 30 days worth.
  8. by   jfpruitt
    Yeah, I have seen diet pills, viagra, etc, but NARCOTICS?? This is insane and dangerous, illegal???????
  9. by   duckie
    I would be very hesitant to order such items on line. What assures you are getting what you're paying for, how do you know for certain what you are taking? That's a scarey thought and it makes me fear abuse. If you need pain med that bad, a doctor should see you.
  10. by   CountrifiedRN
    When I first started nursing school I was looking for a drug online that wasn't in my drug guide. I came across a few of these "pharmaceutical" sites. They are apparently pretty common, and many claim that you can get all kinds of meds without a prescription.

    Just now I typed 'percocet' into my search box and came up with sites that claim you can get it online. This site is by a guy who decided to share all the sites he has actually obtained drugs from:

    Unbelievable. He even admits it is illegal on his site.
  11. by   RN2B2005
    It's definitely a legal grey area. I'm a born skeptic, so I'm inclined to think that most of those "pharmacy club" type sites are just out to scam the desperate and the addicted. However, my guess is that yes, one could purchase darn near anything online--there is at least one Mexican pharmacy online that sells Provigil, an Rx alertness drug, online, as I found out while researching the drug.

    The trouble would likely be getting it past Customs--although it IS legal to bring in up to 3 months' worth of prescription meds into the U.S., you have to actually bring it in yourself. Obviously, some of these foreign pharmacies are able to get SOME past Customs SOME of the time, but it's a gamble, and the DEA doesn't look kindly on importing controlled substances without a valid, written prescription from a U.S. licenced physician.

    So, I'd be very surprised if your relative was actually able to have Percocet mailed to him legitimately. I'd also advise him to keep his mouth shut and not advertise his method of obtaining the drug. Why does he have to go the 'grey' route? If his current physician won't prescribe needed pain meds, then that physician needs to explain, in detail, why he won't do so, and provide other alternatives.
  12. by   Medic946RN
    I was shocked too! I had seen a segment of the local news where they had 12 yr old buy vicodin over the internet. I took upon myself to check. Just go to Google, type in Vicodin. You'll find a bunch of places you can order 90 tabs for $100.00. Cheaper than buying them off the street @ $5 to $30 a tab depending on strenght. The form is scary enough. It gets your name, address and cc. I typed in chronic back pain. No exam, nothing. I put in a phony Visa number so that the order would be rejected, but otherwise they approved me on the spot. It wasn't until three-four days later when they emailed me back saying there was trouble with my credit card. I am sure that if I had put in my correct number I'd have had the Vicodin at my front door in the 7-10 days they promised. (It was from a pharmaceutical company in Europe). Scary enough. But on the bright side if we just put a computer in our ED waiting room maybe we could reduce the number of our seekers. No wait a minute, where are they going to come up with a 100 bucks every weekend?