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I'm all for the concept of avoiding the use of restraints, in theory, but in practical terms, pulling techs from the floor to sit with out of control patients is shortchanging the rest of the... Read More

  1. by   amarilla
    I work as a tech, and the one-on-ones pulling techs off our floor is killing *us* (techs) too. When we have 5 on the floor, my patient assignment will usually be 10-13 and very manageable.

    When we dwindle to 3, (as has been happening when techs are pulled to other floors to sit), I can have a whole wing of the floor to myself with a patient load up to 25. Nights like those leave me exhausted and frustrated, unable to give the care patients deserve without the hands to help or the time to get things done as they should be.

    Now: we have techs who have signed up for OT and float duty. We also have per diem staff and even a new management idea to share light duty 'sitting staff' between floors. For some confounding reason, we continue to run short, and be run short, without these options being utilized or even discussed.

    Hell's bells, it's gotten to the point where units without enough daily staffing will put in for a sitter; a unit will give someone up and send them along to help, only for that tech to find out they are there to staff two empty wings and work, not sit.

    I agree with you, Firestarter: it stinks for ALL of us, staff and patients.


  2. by   RNperdiem
    When I worked on the floors, I sometimes wished the Nightingale wards were still around so I could see what all my patients were doing.
    I had 6 well spaced private rooms and sometimes I would see a patient with one leg on the floor, one leg on the bed, one arm on the rolling bedside table and the patient leaning at a 45 degree angle.
  3. by   FireStarterRN
    Maybe the Nightingale wards will make a comeback. I wouldn't mind.
  4. by   DeepFriedRN
    Quote from FireStarterRN
    When the doctor orders a sitter for a patient do hospitals get extra reimbursement?
    I don't believe they do, unless the one to one is for suicide watch (least that's what I was told by a house supervisor when I had the nerve to question pulling staff from the floor, LOL). Therein lies the problem, I think. They don't get reimbursed, therefore they won't pay for extra staff.