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I have a question yall, okay here it goes, we have a certain charge nurse at the hospital where I wk, who prefers to keep her head buried in the sand, if we have a code or an emergency sit. she is... Read More

  1. by   Aussienurse2
    Learn to stand up for yoursellf....or just hide the book.....uder a stack of dirty bedpans might be a good place to start...
  2. by   stressedlpn
    My SO says that if I get thrown in jail, hes gonna have rusty and Matt bail me out( he wks for the sheriffs dept.HA) I wouldnt do any good to hide the book she has a stack of them in the locker. Oh dont think I didnt let her know excat. what I thought of her. I used words that I thought I forgot since I "grew"up. I just enjoy the nights when we have alot of IVPand we tell her so sweetly"I cant do that, we LPNS" to see her huffing and puffing up those hall is almost better than sex. what really got me though is when she said I should have slept in my uniform that way it wouldnt have taken me so long to get there, It took me all of 5 min. to get there heck I live right beside the hospital. she was really upset when i went home to shower and change uniforms and of course post my topic, it was like nananana I'm gonna tell everyone about you @allnurses. oh well it is kinda sad to she her when like I dont know the emer. sit. we had the other night she was so lost with no clue what to do, and air life was not very nice they asked her "Is kelli coming and when." the directors know how she is they have wked with her. so nothing gonna change. i needed to vent and get pay back suggestions thanks yall. love to all kelli
  3. by   Mattigan
    You get thrown in jail- call me I'll be there. Arkansas is just a Sunday drive away.
  4. by   stressedlpn
    I am going to hold you to that besides I'm to cute to be in jail. prision stripes dont look good on me but.I always heard that revenge is a dish best served cold
  5. by   fab4fan
    Originally posted by Mattigan
    Wel, yes I did learn it in my youthful, menacing days but to be honest the last time I did it was 2 years ago at 46 years of age .

    Before you start to think I'm really horrible- honestly, until 2 years ago I hadn't done it since I was a youthful and that's as menacing as I ever got if you don't count vaseline on the windshield wipers or mozarrela cheese over that thing in the engine.
    Ah, yes...Limburger on the manifold; does really interesting things to the car. Ever tried the potato in the tailpipe trick?
    I think I would consider that letting the air out of her tires or at least one of her butt cheeks. The look I would have given her , she would have gotten her own vitals and one of them would be hers. Im sure the others in the room were exhausted from doing her work as well. Nurses like that make me ill, please post her stats , that way Rusty can give her the once over to even quaify for a Dominatrix, at least they move, I doubt this one would quailify
    Hey I will give to the Get Kelli out of jail fund!!!
  8. by   stressedlpn
    your right she wouldnt qualify, but we could try anyway.never know it just might put a bounce in her step or at least get her used to taking commands lol