On the job injury

  1. I was wondering if there is another nurse here who has been hurt on the job? A year ago I hurt my back at work and after multiple injections and later surgery, I can't go back to work. Every place I apply at said that I am more a risk than a benifit. I had pictured myself working in nursing a long time, but now at 35 I can't find employment. What do I do now? Any ideas would be so greatfully appreciated....Thanks
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  3. by   P_RN
    I did. Three years and 2 months ago. Have you applied for social security disability? It takes 40 forevers but it may get you some financial help. DId you have a workers compensation claim handled by a lawyer? My first (shoulder) I tried to handle myself. My back I went to a lawyer.

    There are parallel fields to bedside nursing..research, telephone triage, legal nurse consultant....even teaching if you have the education. I am over 24 years older than you and thus my age was to my advantage. Look at the SS site....there are tables of age, education etc that form their decisions.

    Honestly while SSDI saved my sanity I'd give it up in a minute if I did not hurt 24/7/365 and to be able to go to work...somewhere...anywhere.
  4. by   sjoe
    You might also check out your county or state rehab department, as they often have programs specifically for various levels of disability.
  5. by   OC_An Khe
    If you didn't file a worker's comp claim, have an lawyer check out if there is still time. Also check out ADA with the lawyer on what employment (if any) can be legally refused to you.
  6. by   Tidajama
    I do have a attorney but it is so discouraging looking for work, no one will give me a job, and I have done nothing wrong to deserve this treatment. Nursing school was a MAJOR accomplishment for me and now I feel like all for what???????Thank to all for the information.......
  7. by   mattsmom81
    I ran into the same roadblocks...we are poor risks and facilities don't wish to hire us after on the job (or other) injuries. Makes us feel like packmules or something doesn't it.

    My suggestion: If you are still physically capable of doing the work, try agencies...I'm finally back to work, making my own schedule, making more $$ and calling my own shots. You can even buy your own health insurance now...we don't NEED facilities to employ us...we can do our own thing and go self employed too if we don't want to work agency.

    Also check out alternative nursing careers...things you may not have considered. Start with your strengths...look at compatible nursing jobs. It is important for you to heal emotionally so you can promote/present yourself in a positive light...so take care of yourself and 'get well' in all aspects!

    Best wishes and don't give in! (The facilities want us to slink off...if you can fight them, do it) But...do what is best for YOU.