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So I am a new rn and this is my first rn job, at a mid-size hospital. we have the 1-5 order of preference for holidays off, which is cool , and I am new so I anticipate working the brunt of the... Read More

  1. by   austin heart
    Ugggg, what a crappy policy. We are a small unit and somehow the scedule is never really a problem. We do it ourselves and have always been able to work things out even with the holidays. And as far as calling off sick on a holiday, you better be DEAD!
  2. by   Plagueis
    That policy is ridiculous. Management apparently can't think of another way to ensure that people who are scheduled to work holidays actually work those days. I bet the people who came up with that policy have the holidays off, and are not on-call. The idea that employees can't make plans for their holiday, or on any day they are scheduled to be off, is unrealistic. :angryfire Are we supposed to sit by the phone on our days off and wait for our job to call us in to work?
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    OMG no we don't do this.For OBVIOUS reasons. We break up holidays into 6 hour blocks to work---it's less painful for everyone that way. Most of us elect to work the full 12 hour shift. It would get ugly working that way, like the others said. BAD idea.
  4. by   labcat01
    So what would happen if someone called in "sick" and the on-call person called in sick too?

    I like the six hour shift idea, myself