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Wow, I'm trying to type through tears right now & just got done trying not to hyperventilate from this. Here's how it went...I quit a LTC/Skilled facility a couple weeks ago to be at this Read More

  1. by   nyapa
    Quote from angelsarah753
    Yeah, I guess you're right...I plan on calling and asking one or both of the doctors monday why she told me I was let go. Its just that when emotions kick in for me and fear and stress and worry its fight or flight reaction for me. I couldnt deal with the place after how she treated me so I didnt even think to reply to the doctors when they asked me. I was too embarrassed with my face in tears like that also. I dont think I'm gonna get any sleep tonight..
    Yep, fair enough, I imagine all you would want to do is get away ((hugs))
  2. by   LnDnurse7
    Chatsdale gave you some really good advice. Being new is hard enough without the horrible stress of being fired. In the future be selective about the job you accept, after all you have a very valuable skill, and approach your learning curve with a open manager that will spell out the expectations and let you know early on where you need to concentrate your efforts to improve. Try not to take it personally, I know that is hard, but leave emotion out and just concentrate on learning your job. Every new nurse was overwhelmed at first, but remember, you passed your boards and your will be great. Chin up. Huggs
  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Oh, Sarah, my heart is breaking for you. I have been through the exact same thing. Fired from my first LTC - made me charge fresh out of school - then took another LTC job, quit to get some med/surg experience, was told that I "didn't fit in" and "could" be unsafe.


    Write me if you want.

    I'm really sorry. And you'll stop crying eventually.
  4. by   crystalyork250
    I know the feeling. I got fired along with another girl last Friday. No explination given. No complaints about my job. Good evaluation, I have my opinions about what happened, but the WARDEN at the prison where I work has the final say so..which is bad because eventhough he knows how to run a prison, he knows nothing about medical departments and nurses and several women working together in a very high passed office that is so small you cant turn around in. HE WAS A JERK, and I am single mom of 2 boys, worried, but I have been trying everyday, and what I have found is not as close to home, but the places that are calling me, I have found, are places that will really appreciate my work. If I get in there and do the same job for them that I did at the prision, they will be happy to have me and really really want me to stay. A couple of the places have the ablity to move up, but I agree, charge takes a strong person, my friend did that right out of school, and she didnt get fired, but she QUIT. Without FAILURE, you have no reason to push have to fail to succeed. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    Oh, everyone who thinks it's because the OP and others are young, I was offered the senior discount this week. So I don't think that's it.

    But it stinks, big time.
  6. by   crystalyork250
    I totally agree. I didnt get an explination as to why I was "let go" "YOUR services are not needed..." SOUNDS like a call girl or something....I was a new grad LPN-A and I got a good job at a prison, making really really good money, as much as some RN employees that have been there for 15 years...HEY hate the game, not the player...and I went straight to days 7-3 which was perfect with my kids....TO GOOD TO BE TRUE...yes I think so. Worked there a year and a half, then was fired last Friday...what a joke. The girl that came from night shift to days with me...I guess had wanted the day position that I got, and she didnt get it. Because I was an LPN-A I had to be supervised. I was. I also have a lot of computer experience, which none of them have. Well, once she came to day shift, she was determined that she was going to FIX my attitude...well, she constantly told on me...HE said she said...blabbablbl reported me and my supervisor to the state making alligations that I worked as an LPN-A unsupervised...constantly complaining about me trying to get me fired...well it worked girls...I had a small argument with her when she called me out in front of other nurses and inmates, trying to prove I didnt know how to do my job, I raised my voice and told her to mind her own business....I dont see anything wrong with that. She was getting on my nerves so bad, I was having anxiety attacks...WELL I got fired....but guess what...before they fired me....THEY FIRED HER. She didnt see it coming...sometimes I just pays to mind your won business and do your own job...I have 3 interviews Monday and they all are farther away, but they all have more to offer, with room for advancement, and I will be able to go back to school for my bach. with their schedule.....PEOPLE can be mean..bounce back and make them sorry. Jealous people can destroy a team....I really cant be mad at her though, OR SHOULD I BE?????
  7. by   CseMgr1
    Been there, done that too. Last year I was let go from a Case Management position with a Workman's Compensation company three weeks into my orientation because "I wasn't meeting productivity". The Case Manager who was training me was dumbfounded as well, for she had told me that I was not expected to meet any productivity goals.

    In today's dog-eat-dog workplace, there is little or no recourse available when an employer wants you gone...regardless whether there is a legitimate excuse for it or not. Since then, I have kept my expectations low and work for one reason ONLY: A paycheck.
  8. by   vamedic4
    BIG ((((((HUGS))))))) to you AngelSarah...and a bit of advice...

    You didn't need them anyway. You're better than that. I'm so very sorry you had to endure that.

    Not all employers are like that - you'll find another...and soon you'll be very glad you're not there anymore.

    Sending you all the best,

  9. by   TrudyRN
    I think you need to ask the person who fired you what the specific reasons are for the firing. If you ask enough often enough, you can likely get some answers. Do file for unemployment money right away.
  10. by   flowjoe64
    I know you are getting alot of advice, but take it from a former careful the jobs you accept. Just because someone is willing to hire you to do something, doesnt mean you should accept the position. I did not know much of anything when i graduated from nursing school....except the basics. You learn more your first year or two out of school then you do in school. Bottom line: The first year or so out, you really need to ground yourself in an acute care environment..NOT LTC. LTC is riddled with abuse of staff, and they love to abuse new nurses, fresh out of school. You need to think about doing a year or so on a general medicine, internal medicine unit at a good teaching hospital..where you will be precepted by someone for awhile. After that, think about what you are really good at, and then move into that arena to specialize. (I work for an IV pharmacy/company and specialize in one disease process.) Perhaps see if your facility allows cross training to other units..etc. I would not move into MD office jobs or anything outside of the hospital until you are better grounded in the hospital setting. (Also MD's tend to try to pay as little as possible and require you to work like a slave..doctors are cheap!) I am sorry you got fired...I am sure you have wonderful potential as a nurse, but I think you need a good mentor who will teach you how to survive and thrive, so that you can easily move into any field, and do well. DO NOT GIVE UP. Look inward, find the appropriate place to ground yourself and learn good time mgmt, find a nurse mentor. it will be okay girl!!!! We all have gone through this! You will laugh about this one day
  11. by   Agnus
    I was hired fresh out of nursing school into ICU. I had applied for a peids position they posted but never existed in reality (turns out it was part of a bait and switch)

    Anyway I was a new grad. I had worked 1 year in a stepdown unit as an LPN. This ICU did not offer any education for new grads though they stated they would start doing it and I would be the first.

    No ICU education ever materialized. They stated they do not hire new grads in ICU but wanted me because of my experience. (they did not hire new grads because they did not want to spend the $$ to train them)

    Anyway to make a long story short I was deemed inexperienced (ya think?) and sent off to the worst med surg floor in the hospital the one every student knows she will not accept a job in. (Interesting way to fill a position that no one wants)

    I went to the interview after being told it was for peids. There never was a peids position. Got sent to ICU were they do not hire new grads because of the cost of training (but they will make a training program for me) then when they do not train me send me off to the one floor that they could not get applicants to accept.

    You do not want to stay there.

    Have had more bad experiences in MD offices that are similar to yours. MD offices I find tend to be a very tight click and they click with the doctor. You are an intruder into this closed little world.

    Like another poster said. Many people will hire you for things they believe you should already be skilled at. MDs do not know what our education is and expect things that are unrealistic.

    The hospital hired me into ICU (I never hinted that I wanted to work in ICU) because they thought they could get an experienced ICU nurse for new grad wages. What they failed to realize that an LPN is not and RN and that a stepdown is not an ICU. ANd that an LPN with only one year in a step down ( that was all the LPN experience I had) does not = experienced ICU nurse.
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  12. by   itsmyturn
    So sorry your having a rough time. You have got to find yourself some common ground and remember that your a new nurse...I would never accept jobs likes these just coming out of school because I would be doomed for failure. It must be so exiting getting offered these types of jobs but you have to be realistic and not put yourself in a position to fail, no matter how bad you want to be there...get the experience and one day you will be there and be proud.

    I doubt seriously that you would want to return considering your exit, but you should find out who was your boss there, why you were fired and why you were not given proper orientation when they knew they were hiring a new grad in the first place. You need to re-establish your connection with the boss and clear up all misunderstandings so that you will have a good reference to fall back on and so that you can learn what you need to be able to make the next job better. If by chance they offer the position back to you, set up an orientation without fear of being fired, expect your situation to be explained to the other care team members and go from there.

    And remember one other thing, it is not always you that has the problem but those working with you just don't want you there either because they are threatened or just have a problem with you. You have to go on and not let it get to you.
  13. by   cuddlebug
    If i were near you I would give you the biggest hug. Don't let this experience lead you away from nursing. I don't know what part of the country your in but really look into the facility before you agree to work there. I remember in nursing school when I did my clinicals..........I looked at the other nurses, observed their interactions with eachother. Did they smile every once in a while. What was their patient load or the facilities nurse to patient ratio. Was the facility organized? Where they friendly to student nurses? Did the other nurses work together as a team when needed? All these things are hard to find out when applying because you have to be on the floor to observe it. What about other nurse friends? Word travels. Its so hard when your new. You don't have a systematic method that works for you because your still learning. Finding supplies, the computer, procedures, policies. It just goes on and on. Hang in there. Take some time to think about it. You know there is a saying that nurses eat their young. Not all nurses are like that but when it happens it really hurts. Jumping this hurdle in your career will make you a stronger person.