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Ever had a nurse as your patient and really found this quite challenging...thinking she/he is questioning your care/assessment/priorities... or God forbid reporting your conduct to your shift leader... Read More

  1. by   danielleRN76
    One time, I had my nurse manager as a pt. I had only been working there maybe 6 months, and I was scared to death!!!!
    She and I are very good friends now so I must have done a relatively decent job or she would've given me the boot. LOL!
  2. by   SoCalif1979
    When I was working for an orthopedic surgeon I had to remove the staples from a patient. The patient started to turn pale so I took a break (The patient was already laying down with his feet elevated as he had ankle surgery) I asked if he was ok and if he needed anything, which I got for him, I asked him if he was ok with me continuing with the procedure. He said to go right ahead and that I was doing a great job. I finished and he was wonderful. Later I found out that he was a doctor and complimented me to my boss telling him I was good with him and had great hands.......not to be misinterpreted! :roll
    He never told me he was a doctor, and it was probable a good thing. I was very new to the clinical scene and would have gotten nervous. A kind and wise man indeed!:wink2:
  3. by   NurseElaine
    I too have had a nurse as a patient and she was great! Very pleasant, patient, and understanding. We worked 8 hr shifts, so when the nurses made there rounds at the beginning of the shift, we basically went over what her needs would be for the shift and kind of worked out a schedule with her. Not that we were giving her any "special attention" but because she understood what it was like to work on the floor as a nurse (call lights constantly buzzing, demanding pts./family members, our workload, etc., etc.) and knew that our days could get hectic. She totally put the myth that doctors/nurses make the worst patients to rest. She was awesome and we all missed her when she was dischared. She was there for rehab and wasn't with us very long. One of the most memorable patients I've had.
  4. by   YooperNurse
    Try and go and do a groin shave prep on your former nurse manager. Now there's a fun task.
  5. by   EmmaG
    Quote from YooperNurse
    Try and go and do a groin shave prep on your former nurse manager. Now there's a fun task.

    I've been on both ends of this issue. As a patient, my coworkers were terrified to start an IV on me (I'm the one they call to start them when no one else can). But I got alot of grief from them for doing my own nursing care. DC'ing IV's, NGT, programming pumps, etc. I didn't want to bother them, so....