Obesity and Nursing

  1. We all know obesity has become an epidemic and without trying to sound crude, I feel that we have a standard that should be upheld. Is there anyone else who feels like it's a joke when an obese nurse is giving health advice about eating right and getting plenty of exercise when they themselves are making no such attempts? Any Ideas on possible incentives to get health care workers to get fit and healthy as well?
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  4. by   Rose_Queen
    How about nurses giving advice about smoking cessation when they themselves smoke? Appearance isn't everything; nurses are humans, just like their patients. No one is perfect. All that should matter is whether or not they can do the job required of them.

    P.S. You may want to do a search on this very topic- many threads very similar to this already exist.
  5. by   Traci G
    Thanks for taking the time to comment, I will check them out. I'm new to the community so just learning more about how to navigate.
  6. by   Traci G
    Thanks for taking the time to comment, I will check them out.  I'm new to the community so just learning more about how to navigate.  
  7. by   SHGR
    Quote from Traci G
    when they themselves are making no such attempts
    You are assuming they are making no such attempts.

    Also, my BMI is in the desired range but I can put away a box of ice cream bars just as fast as anyone else can.*

    *probably faster
  8. by   eatmysoxRN
    You sound judgemental. What if the best oncologist in your state was obese? Would you choose less than the best because of his/her weight? I have never met an obese person who enjoyed being obese. I am overweight myself and my boyfriend eats twice as much and never exercises and never gains a pound. I, however, lose nothing. Seriously, I hope you are never my nurse.
  9. by   Traci G
    Thank you for your comment. I understand where you are going with this however my question is in regards to nursing. As a nurse it is our job to teach clients I am curious about the nursing point of view. Do you feel that being obese gives you an advantage on some level, being able to share some sort of common ground with a pt.? How do you as a "obese person" teach the client the importance of getting healthy. If an obese RN was discussing the importance of quitting smoking, would it be ridiculous for that pt to think "why is this obese nurse teaching me the importance of one health risk and disregarding his/her own?"
  10. by   Traci G
    You are correct I should not have assumed that they are making no such attempts. No matter how lightly this topic is presented there is no way of getting around being judgmental. Thank you for your response.
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    You could say this about any career ie someone gone through bankruptcy working in a bank giving financial advice. A lot of the times someone who had a problem whether it is with weight, smoking etc at least there will be some empathy when discussing the subject with someone compared to someone who is considered ideal weight who never had an issue and can't understand issues that the person may be going through
  12. by   BeagleBabe
    What determines "healthy"? A good BMI? I am obese on my bmi, but I am obese due to lean muscle mass (133 pounds of it to be exact!). Being able to run a marathon? There are plenty of skinny people who couldn't keep up with me on a treadmill. I say stop judging people and mind your own business. Someday you may have a thyroid condition, gain weight, and lose your nursing job for being fat. How would you feel then?
  13. by   loriangel14
    I don't think that a nurse's weight has anything to do with their validity as a nurse.I work with a couple of extremely large gals but they are also excellent nurses.Losing weight wouldn't make them any better as nurses and I have worked with a couple of slim gals that I wouldn't want caring for me.Enforcing a rule about losing weight wouldn't improve pt. care.
  14. by   Traci G
    Whoa calm down beaglebabe, I would not wish harm on anyone(as you just did with me). I also never said an "obese" nurse should loose her job nor would I wish that on anyone. Maybe your not getting enough endorphins from your exercise program... It may help out with your anger issues... I however probably keep up with all your "lean muscle mass" and then some. Good luck with your issues.
  15. by   Traci G
    Good point...