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These days, short staffing, which used to be for emergencies only, is now becoming an unfortunate everyday occurrence. I know many people are confused as to what constitutes "abandonment." Below is a... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    I too quit my job after a having it up to here with understaffing. The straw was the day we had 4 nurses for 30 patients on a Tele floor. I had a patient getting septic, one extremly apneic waiting for an ICU bed and a 90 year old fresh from a pacer placement. As I made sure none of them died, I prayed my other 5 were well and thanked God we had a tele tech.
    I feared my license, I feared jail if I made a fatal mistake and I feared a lawsuit for the same reason. Because it all boils down to, the hospital won't be to blame, administration won't be to blame. YOU'LL be the fall guy! NO ONE will take the rap for you!
  2. by   Jenny P
    Dawngloves, the question remains: did you notify your charge nurse and the supervisor? I like the idea of notifying risk management; and I'm a strong believer in unsafe staffing and unsafe practice forms. The problem with forms is that "when you're up to your a** in alligators," who has time to fill out a few more forms? You shouldn't need to fill out forms to notify your charge and supervisor, but filling out forms will give you a paper trail (and that is really necessary when you are dealing with that many patients). I applaud your decision to quit; sometimes that takes more guts than staying and dealing with impossible situations. The loss of your license is the loss of your livelyhood; you can't work as a nurse without it. You made a wise decision. Good luck in your future.
  3. by   Marra Jade
    I am a nursing student in Vancouver, B.C. and have an assignment due which requires a email exchange with a nurse living in another province or country. It would only require one or two simple emails on the registered nurse's part and it would greatly help me out if you have the time. There is no restrictions on the location of your practice or experience, only that you are licensed. If you are interested, please email me at Thank you for your time.
  4. by   adellisrn
    I tried to email you, but the address was would not go through.

    I am a paediatric nurse in Ontario.

    If you would like my help email me

  5. by   NCNocRN
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  6. by   alleykat
    This is all so frustrating. I was working in a nursing home when i had to take report from two day shift nurses (two med carts)... and then discovered that because i would not take report from the third nurse (a third med cart)... and count off with her... she just sat the cart keys on the top of her cart and walked out. I was left with three med carts covering 65 patients in the subacute unit... I was the only RN on staff for 7p to 7a and two LPN's on the long term side with their own patient loads. I called the DON, ADON, and the Administrator... and was given NO relief... no assistance came... What does one do ?? I couldn't just leave the other patients without care... I felt unsafe and trapped.
  7. by   Tweety
    Good info. Thanks.
  8. by   kids
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