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We keep hearing in the media about nursing shortages. In our town of 30,000, we have a hospital of about 500 beds. Our casual staff are complaining they are not getting any work. (RN's and LPN's... Read More

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    Quote from Qwiigley
    who in their right mind would do what we do for $14.00/hr? I am making over $32./hr and am not the highest paid in our city. (I work in Los Angeles). Our hospital does pay higher for BSN, MSN etc.
    I know of nurses in KS making $9/hour.
  2. by   danursern
    Quote from saskrn
    I know of nurses in KS making $9/hour.
    It depends where you work to in the US. LA is a higher paying state it seems.
    Wow, 9hr for a LPN or RN is unbelievable and the lowest I've ever seen thus far.
  3. by   fergus51
    I live in So Cal and have never met a nurse who wasn't getting enough work. Hospitals in my area will hire anyone with a license and a pulse.
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    We keep hearing in the media about nursing shortages. In our town of 30,000, we have a hospital of about 500 beds. Our casual staff are complaining they are not getting any work. (RN's and LPN's alike). Some haven't been called for any shifts in a month. They are seriously looking for work elsewhere. I have heard this is the case in surrounding hospitals. I think there are nurses out there, but there are no jobs due to government cutbacks. No jobs is a big difference from no nurses.
    I'm a student who surfs the hospital websites somethings reading the job listings. Last night I was looking at the teaching hospital downtown, and there were TEN pages of listings for different positions. Many had been posted for months and what I was happy about is a lot of them said "NG" which means I'd be able to get a job when I'm done with school.

    Most every hospital around here is trying to expand too, and we are going to get a medical center downtown within a few years. Looks like AZ is the place to be if you are a nursing student.

  5. by   danursern
    Actually, I've heard AZ is one of the few better paying states for nurses. I think CA is on the list as well. Of course a state with more people in it is going to be more trouble and nurses are going to be in more demand.

    I don't see the shortage everyone is talking about, but do still see the importation market expanding. The only reason I can think of is so these facilities don't have to pay top wages to US nurses and put up with all the crap. I read in one of the magazines online that there was a strike going on some where. It blows me away because I can't believe nurses striking, but hey if this is what it come to then I believe in the cause which, is surely better pay, better benefits, and better work hours.
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    Here's a voice from Ontario. I'm in Ottawa, there has been a shortage for as long as I can remember. In 2 years 50% of nurses working now will be of retirement age. If we are having staffing problems now, what will happen then? Before transferring to the ER I worked on an acute medecin floor where we actually closed beds due to staffing shortages. I was part-time but worked full-time hours and had over-time on each cheque to boot. Our ER just had a huge hiring blitz. I am meeting nurses from all over Ontario and Qubec. The biggest problem is for acute care nurses. Floor nursing has equalled out. Acute care..has bottomed out. Some nurses working ICU and ER haven't been granted their summer holidays in years. The big cuffufle has come from Qubec. They are experiencing a nursing shortage as well, but pay their RN's considerably less ($14.00/hr) so the nurses are coming over here.

    If there is no shortage where you are, consider yourself lucky! It's an awful situation to be in, not to mention dangerous.

    Hi Jo-Anne,
    I live in Mississauga, Ontario and I am currently looking for an RN job. Which Hospital in Ottawa is it. I would like to apply there.