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The following are government statistics from October 2002 Contemporary Long Term Care. They represent average national salaries. Nursing salaries overall have remained stagnant in the past 10... Read More

  1. by   emily_mom
    The only teachers I know of that make over $50,000 have been teaching for many many years. My SIL taught for 5 years and with her summer contract, she made less than $30,000. She no longer teaches and makes more money.
  2. by   Sekar
    Part of the issue is that Medical re-imbursements to hospitals and private clinics are limited by both the government and the private insurance. I currently work in an Internal Medicine Clinic. Yes I work for less hourly wages, but I balance that by having the luxury of working M-F, straight days, with weekends and holidays off. The problem in our clinic lies with the very nature of our patients, most of them are on medicare. Medicare has CUT re-imbursements to our clinic for the second year in a row. The cost of doing our business goes steadily up, but our income goes steadily down. Now I've run a business in the past and that sort of cash flow is not conducive to high pay for personnel, to include the one lone Nurse who works there as well as the Medical Assitants, Administrators, etc.... I don't recall negative cash flow of that sort being an indemic problem in the public school system. That could have an impact on why Teachers are better paid than Nurses.
  3. by   RN2B
    I have been reading the post on this teacher vs. nurse salary debate and I am just curious... I would like to know where in the world these teachers are living that make $54,000.00 a year? I live in Texas and the starting teacher for Texas in $24,500.00 a year. The nurses in my area (RN) start out at $20.00 an hour!! Which is much more than $24,500.00 a year!! I have a friend in Houston and she has taught school for 12 years and she makes $36,000.00 a year (that sucks) That is just my two cents about the issue!!
  4. by   char_future_RN
    I wasn't surprised by the annual earnings, but the "real" earnings did surprise me. I actually haven't thought about that fact before, interesting point tho.
  5. by   Granted Fal
    i don't know any elementary teachers that make 54K in a year.
  6. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    The only "teachers" around here that would make that much money would be college professors! New ADNs make more money than experienced teachers here.
  7. by   uk_nurse
    here in uk the top professions are teachers, nurses, police and firemen and guess what nurses are the lowest paid of all the professions. We all have our own jobs to do but in my opinion nurses are not as appreciated compared to others, also im sure others would not do a 14hr shift with only 2 drinks and no break! Many of us nurses have and had no choice in the matter.
  8. by   nycegyrl
    So would you agree or disagree with the wages that are stated? Do you make 25,000 a year or do you make more? This article could be rebuked if everyone compared right here online.
  9. by   princess_j
    Whoever wrote this article was full of it. I am a nurse and my husband is an elementary teacher. He makes nearly $17k less than I do a year. I do not work overtime either. I am a 8-5 home care nurse who works in an office as a clinical supervisor and my husband has been teaching for 5 years - he also teaches summer school which affords him $2000 extra for the year. This leaves him with a whole 4 weeks off every summer. He does not work from 7-3 - he works from 7-5 or later every day. He is paid peanuts to teach the future of america, be a "strong male role mode" to all of the kids who have no dad, babysit, be a nurse & handle cranky parents. Whoever said teachers make more than nurses need to know some teachers before they write something as ridiculous as that.
  10. by   Altra
    I didn't quite understand the "real" income reference in the original post - seems like it had something to do with income after taxes? Or was it "dollars adjusted for inflation"?

    There are a million variables to how much of your gross salary gets withheld for income taxes - almost impossible to compare one person's individual taxation with another's.
  11. by   uk_nurse
    [Whoever said teachers make more than nurses need to know some teachers before they write something as ridiculous as that.[/QUOTE]

    well my best friend is a teacher she qualified the same time as i did as a nurse. Her wages as a newly qualified teacher were more than mine as a newly qualified nurse.So im sorry to say i disagree with u. Yes she does work till 4 ish but does get paid extra and yes she does have to prepare her work for the class and deal with 'cranky' parents as u put it. But hey us nurses have to study inorder to keep up with the changes and i deal with many cranky parents, children, doctors etc etc
    My friend said no way would she work a 14hr shift with no break. They have their breaks and she said she would not work in the conditions we do as nurses and she could not take on the responsibilities we have, she also said our wages are really bad too, as so are hers. Now that has come from a teacher herself.
    I'm not saying teachers are lower than us or anything like that they all do a marvelous job. i was going to do teaching or nursing but chose nursing. Teachers are stressed as they have targets to meet as so do many other jobs. It is her choice if she wants to do summer clubs, but it not compulsory. At the end of the day i have had children's lives in my hands. Everything we do is legal and if something goes wrong we can end up in court and have to explain our actions.............i was over worked, no break etc etc is not justifiable.

    Sorry but i have strong opinions on nurses duties and responsibilities and yes i chose to go into this profession knowing all that but I just think nurses need more recognition and more pay and better conditions.
  12. by   tiredfeetED
    As a profession, teachers in California are underpaid...they might have less days to work but remember just like nurses who have spent many years training..Requiring at least a BA with atleast 6more months to a year of credentials. My fiance who is finishing her credentials this year..was talking about starting pay of 34k. Well I dont know any RN i work with who makes that little a year. Majority of the RNs i work with make over 60k...and the travelers..well some make well over 100k ( no life, lots of OT)
    As a whole I do believe RNs are underpaid for there skills and what we must put up with..The CT tech at our facility makes 36 / Hr to push a button... That is crap! 0 responsibility. :angryfire I could go on and on..
  13. by   uk_nurse
    newly qualified nurses here start on just over 16,000 p.a, newly qualified teachers around 18,000. As said before its recognition nurses need