Nursing Salaries

  1. I just read the post about "recommending" nursing and I'm a little depressed. I just started nursing school last week and wondering now if I'm making the right decision. I have been hearing that most nurses start out at 45K in KY with large bonuses. It's not about the money for me. But I already have a BS in biology and now thinking I should just do PA or MD. But, my goal is to do NP. Or I want to do Management or Case Management. Am I wrong?? Should I turn back now?? What salary can I expect to start out at?? HELP!!!!
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  3. by   Bjo
    If it's not about money for you I think you are on the right track. Too many people are going in to nursing because of the money. We need people who truly want to be nurses. The hours may become long and maybe the pay isn't that great in some areas. But the other rewards, if your heart is really into this, will be tremendous.
    Bobbi Jo
  4. by   nightingale
    HI JF:

    Interestingly, I too have just read the posts "would you recommend nursing as a career". I had to stop reading after pages one and skimmed through the last page.

    Yes, I have heard much of it before and felt a lot of those feelings depending upon where I worked. I have been a nurse for 3 years and have changed postions a lot. I have always maintained two jobs with one being a full time job and the other PRN. Currently, I am PRN status in a facility that I probably wont go back to. I am off today for a job interview that I know I will get if I want the job.

    I LOVE Nursing... it is for me because I do make a diference in peoples lives, make a good income, have incredible flexibility of hours and career paths, learn new things all the time and are challenged mentally if I chose that path.

    I recently graduated with my BSN and am looking at getting into possibly Nurse Educator or FNP. Both of these would be rewarding for me and allow me to work for more years as the physical demands of nursing can get truly challenging.

    I have seen lots of comrades quit nursing or drop out of nursing school because the rewards were not there for them in nursing. One colleage said she did not like the smells of sick people. Well... to each his own.

    Only you can really answer the question you have posed.

    Good luck to you and I hope you find peace with your decision. Do not look for encouragement but intrust yourself with the knowledge of who you are and what your potentials are.

    In peace,
  5. by   longforseaair
    If new grads are making 45 thous in KY, we're all going!
    New grads in AR make 14 to 15 an hour, and expect raises of 4% to 15% depending on the facility. Bonuses range from 700 to 3000 per year depending on facility. Bonuses are higher where the ratios are poor, retention poor, and acuity higher.
  6. by   lita1857
    Come on don't sound like a babe in the woods or uneducated so what-you think they'll pay a nurse well? I consider $45 and up well(over 50k a year)If that was a start, that would be ok but most nurses know no one gives you decent money unless the job has problems ie understaffed/high aquity/danderous etc.I have been a nurse 24yrs and I make $30/hr...I have done NICU/Peds ED/Peds telephone triage point is I've given up half my life to 3shifts/every other weekend/more holidays with co-workers then family/physically exhausting work/ health risks from patients. I've seen raises go from 10% to 3.5% this year and we work shorter/harder/longer.I still love patient care, but ask yourself this can a nurse make a difference if there is not enough well educated/skilled nurses at the bedside?? with the supplies and resources???doing the job becomes harder and harder aside then think about fair compensation?? YIKES!best of luck-do your research,it'll help with a decision.
  7. by   NYCRN2
    New grads here in NYC are starting at about $60,000/year, which is still not enough if you asked me considering the amount of responsibility and stress. It should be more like $75,000 atleast!
  8. by   DanRn
    what state is AR?

    Is that for a hospital or nursing home?

    New grads in northeast ohio are starting at around 18-20/hr. plus bonus.

    Why does nursing seem to cap out salaries after approx 5 years???? ( because we let them).

    and 60k in nyc is probably about the same as 15/hr in AR - wherever it may be. how much is nyc rent now? 3000k/month?
  9. by   newpsychrn
    if you are going into nursing because of the salary--then you got a lot of thinking to do. in order to work as a nurse you have to be committed to the profession--faults and all. i knew several girls in my class that dropped out because they were only majoring in nursing to either A) marry a doctor B) have job security or C) "make money." i am a new BSN nurse with a BA in psych and i was appauled at the starting rates here in Los Angeles. New grads start off at $19 an hour IF you are lucky and hospitals laugh if you mention a sign on bonus. i am far from rolling in the dough. compared to southern cal the rates in kentucky sound awesome!
  10. by   Dplear
    Newpsychrn...your name says it all..NEW. I know of alot of nurses that go into nursing for the money. You CAN make money in this field. I have been doing this thing called nursing for 15 years now and my yearly income has gone up every year. I personally consider 92k a year a damn good wage for nurising and I expect my income next year to be even higher. So think again. You can be in this for the money and still be a great nurse. I just happen to like to be paid for my compassion and care.

    BJO...this goes for you also
  11. by   NYCRN2
    To DANRN

    Yes rents in NYC are probably pretty shocking to most people who don't live here, but I don't think the cost of living is that much higher than L.A.,San Fran, Chicago, or Boston.

    And yes you can easily pay $3000/month and up for a place, but those are luxury high rises. As for myself I pay $650/month, I have a nice place in a good neighborhood (I'm less than a 5 minute walk from the hospital) So I feel with $60,000/year right out of school with an ADN I'm doing O.K.