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How many times did you have to apply before you were accepted into a Nursing program? If you were accepted the 1st time you applied...did you apply to more than one nursing program?...if so, how... Read More

  1. by   pjb63
    I was accepted to two schools - one was a local junior college - the semester that I was accepted for was Fall 2011 due to the waiting list - I guess anyone can get in. I did make it into the College of Nursing at a local university. It was my first application, I have a 3.85 GPA for pre reqs and an overall of 3.71. I scored high on the NET and also do volunteer work at the local hospitals and a family and children services location.
  2. by   jessi1106
    Well, I have been a nurse for a couple of years now. But even in 2004 it was VERY competitive to get into any nursing program in the area. I had a 3.92 and was accepted first time I applied....but had a friend with a 3.6 who was denied same school Keep your GPA as high as possible! Nursing schools are so competative now!
  3. by   %63theend
    What I find sad is my GPA has been near a 4.0 since my first 2 quarters (yes, when I started we were on quarters) but my first 2 quarters I took 15 hours and pretty much flunked all of them so my overall cumulative GPA is only around 3.4. It is so depressing to me!
  4. by   JenRN30
    Nope, in downtown Atlanta. A girl that's in my class was an alternate with a 3.1, and ended up getting in.
  5. by   %63theend
    That's awesome! Was it GSU or somewhere else? I do know the private schools (Emory and Mercer) accept lower GPA's. I may apply to those if I don't get in at the public universities.
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    Quote from momofthreeboys
    I am applying to Duke and UNC ABSN for Jan. 2010 with a 3.82 from Baylor Univ. This is my first time applying. I really hope I get in!
    Good luck to you, momofthreeboys! I live and work in Nash county, and have a lot of friends that graduated from Duke, UNC and ECU. Those are some great programs, from what I've heard.
  7. by   John20
    4.0. Applied once. Detroit, Michigan Area.
  8. by   NeoPediRN
    I applied to 4 Boston/Boston area nursing programs, accepted for direct entry into all on the first try. 3.8 GPA.
  9. by   Crux1024
    Applied once to just one school, got accepted. Did all pre-reqs while in nursing classes so i WAS done the ASN in just 2 years. It was HARD, but worth it. And GPA was about 3.5ish i think.
  10. by   Ceema09
    Applied to only one university, GPA was 3.0, got accepted on first try. Will start in fall 09. The school is located in Pennsylvania.