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Hi, I am looking for phrases nurses commonly use with patients, e.g., "I am going to take your bollod pressure now," "This will hurt a little," "Please hold still," "Who is your next of kin,"... Read More

  1. by   OSPD
    Hi everyone,

    I have a few friends that are nurses and being in Southern California they interact a great deal with the Spanish speaking community. Since they know I run this blog they ask me to translate common nursing phrases for them. I used some of the phrases on this thread to put together a list for 30 Spanish Phrases for Nurses.

    I hope you will find this helpful.

    Thank you,
  2. by   boggle
    Quote from LilPeanut
    I'm guessing you are trying to pick up phrases in foreign languages that would be useful? Just about - I'm teaching English to nurses in Asia and Africa, and I want to include phrases they need / can use in dealing with English-speaking foreigners in their countries. This is a good list - Thanks!

    Where is the pain?
    What medications do you take?
    Do you have history of health problems?
    Do you understand privacy laws?
    Do you give consent to _______ procedure?
    When was your last period?
    What's your birthday?
    Can you pee in a cup?
    Can you move {affected part of body}?

    If you can, find a recent nursing physical assessment or nursing skills book. Most of them have a list in the back of common nursing phrases and statements with translations from English to Spanish. You could use the same phrases, just translate to your desired language for teaching.
  3. by   miwachiru123
    Gotta love my facility required "scripting" we do with every patient:

    (Before leaving room for whatever reason) "Is there anything else I can get for you? I have the time" (Of course I don't really have the time....)

    oh and,
    "I'm going to close your door/curtain for your own privacy"
    Its actually for MY privacy, I don't want my patients staring at me when I'm trying to chart or whatever I am doing...
  4. by   SamiRN
    "Tell me how you really feel"......I usually end up saying that to co-workers when they go on a rant about the facility.

    "Dont get out of bed without assistance"
    "What are you yelling for? Use your call bell"
    "PRN does mean as needed, but the doctor still gives us a time frame"(Usually to drug addicts)
    "Did you do that?"
    "Im sorry I have to wake you again"
    "Ive come to take your blooooood"(with accuchecks...i dont say this to kids, youll freak them out)