Nursing Orientation - Medication Test

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or any information to offer on new nurse orientation medication test. Trying to find out what to expect to be on the test. If anyone knows of any study guides or has any information about the medication administration test given during orientation I would greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   beautifulb
    I would study the Math book that you used in school. Also, there may be questions regarding some common medications ~ Kcl, lanoxin, lasix, dilantin, some psychotropics. That will give you a baseline.
  4. by   TazziRN
    Mostly it will be calculations of dosages. Ther emay be some drug knowledge questions. You should not have any problems with it, I've never known anyone to fail a pre-employment calc test.
  5. by   mtngrl
    When I took one for a hospital it was drug calculations and lots of drug questions....a lot of which I was NOT familiar with. Lucky for me, it was open book (we each were given one of those grug books). Even so, since it was timed, I spent a lot of time looking stuff up that I was surprised was on there. I do not remember what any of those questions were though. Is yours open book? I do know the math part was basic you should do good on that if you study your math from school. Then study what you think are the moct common drugs used in the hospital. You should know what are they are for and what are any special nursing interventions that need to be done when a patient is on them. Don't get too nervous...they don't WANT you to fail it, so they probably won't make it tooooo hard.
  6. by   TLC RN
    Ask the trainers doing orientation. They sometimes will give you hints. Ours was mostly basic calculations and some about which insulin's you can mix. Also the max amt of acetaminophen you can give in a day. Safe dose stuff etc...