Nursing literature websites

  1. Which sites do you guys find most useful in finding articles on nursing practice and research?
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  3. by   disher
    I frequently log into a library and use Proquest Nursing or CINAHL to search for fulltext articles. If I cannot find what i am looking for then I use one of these sites.
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  4. by   jadednurse
    Thanks disher. I'll check those out.
  5. by   gwenith
    Jaded for Evidence based practice try "The Joanna Briggs Institute". Some nursing organisations and societies also have thier newletters online and some even hae thier journals online. I am lucky our state health department did a deal with the university and all staff have access not only to the university library but to the journal searches through medline and CINAHL - free!!!

    Disher - can I use those links in the "Australian resources" thread? I am trying to develop a thread at the top of the Australian forum with all sorts of websites and information for not only Aussies but everyone.
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  8. by   disher
    I think it's a great idea to list the websites.
    I usually just read the CE articles in both and because they are FREE.
    The journal articles are listed in these sites but you usually have to pay a few dollars to have it sent to you via e-mail.