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I am graduating in two months. It took me seven years from the moment I decided to become a nurse to when I started my BSN program. I thought I did everything right. Graduating Summa Cum Laude.... Read More

  1. by   dishes
    WTH, the government gives scholarships because there is a desparate need, but then doesn't hire the recipients and penalizes them? I think I would be asking my elected representative how that is legal.
  2. by   almost_nurse
    Personally, I think it'd be nice to at least get hiring preference in healthcare provider shortage areas based on having a government scholarship!
  3. by   Been there,done that
    "My fiancé is talking about leaving me "
    A life partner should be supporting you, not threatening you.

    You have many options available now, fight the right fight.
  4. by   dishes
    I think your fiance is being honest, many people would resent moving if it meant they would be unemployed and in the middle of nowhere for two years.
  5. by   almost_nurse
    Dishes, I totally see the logic. I'm more upset at my own decision to go to nursing school despite plenty of warnings that there was, in fact, a surplus of new nurses--not a shortage, as so many people believe.
  6. by   KittyKatKorner
    You need a new fiance.
  7. by   thecrossfitrn
    I understand your anxiety and frustration... but take everyone else's advice and slow down for a moment. A few years ago before I graduated I was freaking out too because no one seemed to be interested in me. I had a great resume with awesome experience in the medical field, but it wasn't getting me anywhere. Then... that magical moment when I passed my NCLEX and suddenly I was receiving phone calls. Hiring managers weren't interested in wasting their time interviewing me if they didn't know I'd even pass my boards.

    Basically, calm down and graduate first before you lose your head. Telling people they shouldn't be a nurse is your emotions talking, and while I understand the feeling, you need to realize that this too shall pass. And your fiance', sorry hon, but that's what we call a jerk. When I was having problems finding a job my husband said, "we'll go wherever we need to". That is what a supportive partner does, not threaten to leave.
  8. by   nursel56
    Quote from dishes
    WTH, the government gives scholarships because there is a desparate need, but then doesn't hire the recipients and penalizes them? I think I would be asking my elected representative how that is legal.
    I was thinking along the same lines.

    almost_nurse the stipulations you mentioned are the most stringent I've the very least seem to assume a job market exists as it did before 2009 which is the year identified by workforce experts as an unexpected surge in new graduates.

    Policies don't always track with on the ground reality, in your case the severe hardship this obligation may impose on you merits exploring all options, including getting outside the established channels.
  9. by   Evening_Primrose
    I'm not a nurse (yet!) so I can't help with practical advice on the job front, but try to breathe and get through the panic. Once the panic has passed, map out a plan and do whatever it takes to secure a job once you get your license.

    Good luck.
  10. by   Libby1987
    You may be self sabotaging with the thought of losing your relationship if you get a job that meets your scholarship criteria.

    And I can't believe you can't get some type of nursing position in an underserved area once you graduate. You could get you a job in a rehab in a nice area of California, I'm sure you can get one in an undesirable part of the country.

    My bet is that isn't what you're really wanting to accept. I think what's happened here, speculation obviously, is that you regret the financial agreement and have changed your mind about it.

    Thing is, if you're young, 2 years is a relatively short investment. I barely can remember my first two years with the full life I've lived since.
  11. by   canigraduate
    First, I would suggest calming down.

    Level of drama is inversely proportionate to level of intelligent assessment.

    Second, network with your instructors and school alumni association to see who's hiring.

    Third, have a professional take a look at your resume. Or post it on here, minus identifying details, and I'll look at it for you. You may be sabotaging yourself with your resume.

    Fourth, the entire first year of being a nurse puts a strain on a relationship. If he can't handle even the thought of moving, how's your fiancé going to handle the reality of 12 hour and possibly night shifts?

    Fifth, focus on passing the NCLEX. That's the next important step. I was lucky and had a few job offers before graduating, but that was only usual for the school I attended. Many grads don't get offers, or even interviews, until they pass the NCLEX.

    Good luck!
  12. by   cdsavannah59
    Try working as a student nurse PCT while you are finishing school. The hospital I work at usually hires them as a nurse once they graduate. It's the easier way to get into the hospital you want to work as a nurse.
  13. by   NickiLaughs
    So your not done with school and you have no license. In this market most places it will put you in the automatic fail pile. Nothing personal and no reason to stress.
    You will need to get on your license asap after school. Start studying for nclex now if you haven't already.
    I sent all my paperwork including the Interim permint in together. Once I found out I got the IP, I filled out the stuff to take my nclex even tho I had yet to receive my ATT. It let me sign up for NCLEX about 2 weeks after I graduated. I took the nclex a week later and had my license less than a month after graduation. That was huge because I had an advantage over everyone else who had yet to take boards.
    Then apply everywhere, good every small town hospital in your area, not in your area, and literally Apply to every single one.
    i had two job offers within a month in California in 2009 when the market was crap.
    it can happen you just have to be proactive and aggressive.
    and tell your fiancé that you will have to do what you have to do and he can do whatever he feels necessary. If he can't support you through one of the biggest stressors how's he going to be if something else happens?
    take a breath