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    The Role of Nurses in Australia
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  3. by   renerian
    Nice Site. Karen I wanted to work in Australia so bad but the hospital I wanted to work at would not help pay my sponser fee which was several thousand dollars. I could not pay for it so it was to bad.

  4. by   mario_ragucci
    I would enter into a contact marriage in a heartbeat to move downunder. Not even a heartbeat....just a single S1 ! I have been to Sydney and the northern Island of NZ and it's better all around there. I can say that I would live maybe 15 years longer if i moved now. Gut feeling AEB environment and additudes there.
  5. by   bewbew
    Here'a a pile of links anyone may find handy if they want to work in Australia.....hope this is helpful!

    Australian Nursing Council Inc.

    Australian Nursing Federation

    Registration Boards for various states:

    Nurses Board of Victoria

    NSW Nurses Registration Board

    Queensland Nursing Council

    Nursing Board of Tasmania

    Nurses Board of Australian Capital

    Nurses Board of Western Australia

    Nurses Board of South Australia

    Health Professions Licensing Authority of the Northern Territory

    and for the most important info........the jobs: :roll
  6. by   ANnot4me
    I registered in NSW and it was easy. There is a serious nursing shortage and I thought it would be a good experience; however, the pay is very low, few hospitals subsidize housing in ultra-expensive Sydney and I would have to pay for my own health insurance (but still pay the same taxes as everyone else).
  7. by   OzNurse69
    If you go through a recruitment agency, apparently most of them will pay your fees for you - they probably charge the hospitals, but that won't be your problem.

    Renerian - was it you who was going to work in Coffs Harbour? Unfortunately that is a highly desirable area to live, & they don't seem to be suffering from the nursing shortage as badly as the rest of the place, so that's probably why they wanted you to pay your own way.

    Originally posted by chigap
    I registered in NSW and it was easy. There is a serious nursing shortage and I thought it would be a good experience; however, the pay is very low, few hospitals subsidize housing in ultra-expensive Sydney and I would have to pay for my own health insurance (but still pay the same taxes as everyone else).
    Yes chigap, the pay is low compared to what you get in the states when you allow for the exchange rate - about half in fact. And I honestly don't know how anyone can afford to live in Sydney unless they are earning at least $100,000. Having said that, though, the cost of living is also about half that of the US, so if you want to come over for the experience and aren't looking to save a bundle of money to take back with you, I say go for it!!

    About the health insurance thing, no employer that I know of will pay your health insurance for you over here, regardless of whether you come from O/S or were born here. Health insurance is your own responsibility, short & simple.

    But the LIFESTYLE......isn't that why we all stay here?? Sure, we occasionally winge about the pollution, the traffic, etc., but it's NOTHING compared to American & European cities. It's about walking into town at 10 pm on a Friday night with friends for a drink, and not having to look over your shoulder every time you hear footsteps. It's about sitting on the back verandah with an icy cold drink on a summer's evening, listening to the cicadas. It's about lying on the beach every weekend, playing cricket on the sand, & pulling another cold beer out of the esky......hang on a minute, we're really all just a bunch of drunks, aren't we?? No matter, at least we're relaxed, happy drunks!!
    I hope one day we get posted to OZ, and I will be able to work there and be able to enjoy what OZ has to offer. I have a few friends that live there and they send me books and trinkets from there all the time. Have yall tried a tim tam its to die for.
    Its just so beautiful there, would love it there and NZ so nice.
    Will trade anyone for where Im at now
    Egypt anyone????
  9. by   OzNurse69
    Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE
    Have yall tried a tim tam its to die for.

    Hey Zoe,

    Great trick with a tim tam - make a nice hot cup of Milo (or you can use hot chocolate, but it doesn't quite have the same effect) - bite off both ends of the tim tam, then suck the milo up using the tim tam as a straw - DELICIOUS!!
  10. by   OzNurse69
    Seriously though, this is another really good careers site, lots of recruitment agencies etc. advertise here:

    Nursing Careers Allied Health

    or this one:

    Nurse on holidays
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  11. by   ANnot4me
    I'm a bit confused...why do Australians buy health insurance? I thought you were covered under the national system. I was told I would not be covered under that system and need to purchase helath insurance. I'm on my way to England, but if it doesn't work out...
  12. by   bewbew
    We have Medicare, and this will cover a % of your docor's bill, and up to 100% of a hospital stay, however you do not get your own doctor. If elective surgery is required, you may be on a waiting ist for months or years. So this is why a lot of people pay out for private health insurance.
  13. by   OzNurse69
    Ok, this is probably a topic for another thread, but here goes....

    We have 2 systems, public & private. The Medicare levy is what I believe you are talking about. That is an extra tax that Australian citizens pay (but people who are temporary residents apparently don't) that covers us for public hospital emergency care, & gives us the privilege of being allowed to join massive waiting lists for any kind of elective surgery - including CABG's, organ transplants, etc (yes, these are classified as ELECTIVE not EMERGENCY!!). If you want to choose your own Dr, go to the hospital of your choice, basically have any say at all in your treatment, you have to get private health insurance, which gives you the privilege of being able to pay excess fees for Dr's bills which are not completely covered by the insurance, as well as still having to pay the Medicare levy.....

    And then you have the wealthy, who don't have to pay for health insurance because they have enough money to be able to pay cash for private hospital care....

    Can you tell I'm just a little over the system at the moment??!! I'll climb down off my soapbox now.
  14. by   Aussienurse2
    Oh, come on, you love paying out all that extra cash to get a decent doctor don't you? Got to keep them all in business and Volvos don't we?! Seriously nursing here is great and there are packages available if youre willing to work inland. A friend of mine got one in Weipa, came with a house and electricity and a nice bonus for staying out there for a year. I've heard that Longreach may be offering the same kinds of deals too.

    Living in Sydney is great! I have another friend still living there on an E.N.s wage, nice house in Northmeade, huge insurance bill each year and she's paying $250 a week but, well it's all about lifstyle aint it?

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