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  1. I'm looking for information regarding scores on the Nursing entrance exam called the RNEE test(published by the Psychological Corporation.

    I did above the average which was 55 % on the reading, biology anatomy, physical science I was 1 point short of a 55.

    The math I did horrable!!! I did so bad I'm totally embaressed I recieved a 15 , which is extremly low. I froze when I came to the math section.

    My verbal was a 77%, reading was a 68% my life science was a 68 % my physical science was a 54% and the math Ugh a 15%.

    I need no less then a 40% in each of the above subjects to get into one nursing school and another nursing school requires a 55% in each subject. My composite score was a 67%, a 55% composite was required at one Nursing school another required a 40% composite score. My composite score are fine. My math Ugh!!!

    I can do the math and get the correct answers to math problems on the RNEE test its just that when it comes to doing math on a time limit I freeze because I know I'm very slow and I'm afraid I won't have enough time to do the whole test. I just get scared and confused and then circled anything to finish.

    I actulally can not think of what I need to do or even what I'm looking for in the math problemwhen I freeze up during math test.

    I have good grades I averaged a GPA of 4.0. I even passed statistics with a finale grade of a C/ 75, low but passed.

    I will of course have to retake the Nursing Entrance exam the RNEE test, but after I do pass my concern is how will a School of Nursing view my records of the Nursing Entrance exam when they see the how low I scored in math the first time I took the Enrtance test?

    My math score was a 15 % compared to a passing grade, that being no less the 55%.

    I would very much appreciate feedback. I'm so very worried about my scores especialy math . I do not usually go around comparing notes on grades because I think its a personal matter to a large degree , but at this point I would really apprecieate feedback.

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  3. by   Mito
    Math is the downfall of alot of nursing students. Get yourself a basic math text, one which has fractions, decimals and ratios and work through the exercises. The more you practice the less anxiety you will have when faced with these types of questions on a test. IMHO excellent math skills are vital for a nurse since this is what medication dosages are based on.

  4. by   spiri1
    Thank you for response and I certainly will take your advice and purchase a baic math book/text. However I'em unfamiliar with the acronym IMHO. Would you be so kind as to clarify that for me.

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  5. by   Mkue
    If you've been away from Math for awhile a Basic math course is really helpful, it will get you up to speed. There are also website online that can be helpful, can't place any right off hand, I use for searches.

    IMHO is " in my honest opinion".

    Good Luck
  6. by   sjoe
    IMHO--"In my humble opinion." (Usually somewhat tongue-in-cheek.)
  7. by   nimbex
    WE'RE twins!!! my math scores are as bad as my spelling.... if you've ever read my posts, you'll understand.

    Was in the same boat... was required to take basic math as previously stated, as a requirement to nursing school... had to pass before I could get in. It was Very basic and very easy. Then took algebra... working on BSN and was challenged.

    Depending on your nsg. program. some will consider the basic math , then math for meds good enough. Some require algebra.

    It may take you a semester to complete this course, probably required... heck, I had to take basic chemistry too....

    I had a GED, dropped out in 9th grade... ended up in nursing school graduating with 3.92 and excelling in nursing If I may be so bold as to pat myself on the back to point out that with a poor 9th grade education.... I excelled in nursing school and turned out AOK......

    you can do it too... forget the test numbers and show them what you can do if you try...

    nursing comes from the heart.... good luck