Nursing curriculum needs more respect!

  1. Reading all these post makes me realize that I was not the only one who thought that nursing school was very hard. However, now being a nurse for 4 1/2 years, it sad to realize that the only people that seem to have a glue how tough it is are our fellow nurses. The public including other health care professions don't seem to realize just what we go through. As a matter of fact, I think most think it is easy and anyone could do it. I think many people still think that all one really has to do is care and be willing to do alot of dirty work ( clean poop, clean wounds ect.) to be a nurse. Maybe if other professions realized how tough nursing school is they would also realize that our pay is really below par and in some cases insulting. For example, in some southern states new BSN nurses come out making 15-16.00 dollars a hour. I mean that is a joke, I can't tell how many times I have heard my fellow new nurses make comments like " I made more money a hour waiting tables while I was in college than I do now as a RN" that is sad. Nursing is very hard job and will still get very little respect as a profession. We need to let the public know how hard it is to become a nurse and why everyone is not able to become a nurse. Nursing is very paradoxical, it is very hard to become one, but yet we are treated as if anyone with a high school degree can become one. Does anyone else feel like this or is it just me?
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  3. by   renerian
    I made more money in other jobs as well. I know I had patients who were angry at the health care system and the home health benefit under medicare, tell me only flunkies from the hospital go to home health. Not so but that is another thread LOL. I know you can make more money elsewhere. I know the nurses down south make less than where I live. I know I am almost done with my MS degree and will make no more money getting it. Not much an incentive to persue additional education.

  4. by   oramar
    The nurses that are getting respect are the ones that are taking it by force. They are organizing, making demands and if they must they are striking. Some people say they belong to unions that don't do much. Well you can change that by taking control again. Bad unions have been kicked out and replaced in some cases.
  5. by   MK2002
    Be glad that you have a job. Right now there are plenty of unemployed Americans earning $0 per hour as the government continues to under report the number of unemployed workers. You are doing better than them. There are also numerous displaced workers earning far less than they were a couple years ago. For these individuals and many others there will not be a change any time soon.

    Do you think that you are overworked? Read a few economic news stories when you get a chance. There are thousands of Americans doing the same job that 3 or 4 employees did a few years ago. Considering that many of them are working for less pay, the situation becomes familiar. They will not be heard from on this website. You have to visit a neutral site where you can read dozens of stories from others suffering the same way that you are.

    An important point that people pay little attention to any more is the income differential between the haves and the have nots. The gap keeps widening. But after the recent several years of good economic times no one seemed to care. Now that all their dreams have fallen apart those individuals have come back to reality wondering how in the world they are going to make it through the present, let alone retire in comfort some day.

    The wage paradox you described exists in other careers. You just have to hold several jobs in enough occupations to experience the same feeling. In modern times the average employee is expendable. Do you find that in nursing? No. You will not find any posts from nurses who worry their job is being eliminated through productivity gains. The price you pay for job security is lessened income. Imagine having a career where you wake up every day wondering if today will be your last day at work. Could you live with that stress for increased income?

    The median family income of about $44,000 does not buy much these days. And it doesn't help the situation when people throw away good money on large vehicles with the rationalization they need one. Expectations of the good life lead to a feeling of the unfulfilled life. Some will be content with what they have. Others will seek a second income to supplement their primary income. How many of you can remember when mortgages were paid in 20 years and car loans were paid in 3 years?
  6. by   MICU RN
    The attitude of just be grateful you have a job is exactly why nursing is compensated so little. Give me a break, compare what you do to other college educated healthcare providers and medical sales people. Based on the responsiblilty we have, we are under paid , period. Of course there are many other people who are under paid, but many don't get put through the rigors of a nursing program and have a college degree. As for me, I am pursuing to become a CRNA, mainly because of the autonomy and compensation, I am tired of working my butt off and just getting by. And by the way, I believe that this country offers as much or more financial opportunity than any other country in the world. It may not be perfect, but just ask the thousands of immigrants who come here ever year about lack of opportunity to make a living wage in other parts of the world.
  7. by   tonicareer
    15 dollars an hour waiting tables? No way. I agree that nurses should be paid more, but I don't know where anyone gets 15 an hour to wait tables.
  8. by   MK2002
    I was thinking the same thing. I might know of a few hundred thousand fast food workers that would be willing to upgrade if the waiter/waitress jobs pay $15/hr.

    Then too read the originating post with the comments about the south. Northerners don't understand how a brand new house could possibly cost $90,000 down here. They figure that anyone earning under $100,000 is being underpaid
  9. by   911fltrn
    Cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas make 60,000 to 100,000+. Be happy you have a job. (give me a break) Any R.N. that is competant and willing to work will never be without a job. And by the way just a few more years and salaries are going through the roof. Ceo's will start losing their bonuses because they dont have any nurse's left! Hope everyone is having a great day!
  10. by   MK2002
    And you just know how many women are dying to become a Las Vegas cocktail waitress. Give me a break!!!
  11. by   Pretzlgl
    Just wondering, MK, if you are actually a practicing RN? If you are I must say you have a great attitude regarding being overworked. Or you must work at a great facility. Nurses are NOT paid enough for what we do. Just being grateful to have a job does not cut it. We are underpaid, period.
  12. by   cargal
    Originally posted by Pretzlgl
    Nurses are NOT paid enough for what we do. Just being grateful to have a job does not cut it. We are underpaid, period. [/B]
    Agreed. When an LPN leaves the profession to make $18/hr with Verizon the profession loses. Gotta make a living and send the kids to college.

  13. by   whipping girl in 07
    I made anywhere from $10-20/hr waiting tables at a variety of restaurants, from Shoney's to Applebee's to a local upscale steakhouse. But I didn't really like it, and I hated the hours, and I hated the uncertainty. If I didn't get a good section or work every Friday and Saturday night I wouldn't make as much money (or keep my job, since working EVERY weekend is the norm in the restaurant business).

    I'm happy with what I do, and pretty satisfied at this point in my life with the money I am making. My husband makes about $3 an hour more than me (including my shift diffs) working at an office job in an industry that's been hard-hit by the bankruptcies of Enron, WorldCom and Global Crossings. His company's stock has dropped from $70/share 2 years ago to a little over $2/share this past summer, and he worries every day that he is going to be downsized. Let me tell you, you do not want to be in his shoes, wondering if he's going to have a job next week. Or in my shoes, knowing that what I make alone is not enough to pay all our bills. I have to say that I agree with the person who says we should be happy to have jobs in an industry that is not falling on hard times and downsizing. I realize that it may not last forever, but I am glad that nurses are in such demand now.
  14. by   mark_LD_RN
    the be grateful for what you got attitude is way off, when you look at what training we have,license requirements ,job stress, high level of responsibility nurses have,and the list goes on. just compare nursing to other professions ( which i do not think nursing is considered and is part of the problem) and you will see how underpaid we are. there will always be uemployed, and lower paid workers. but we need to not settle for scraps and demand we get paid what we deserve. we are not door mats or people who just need to settle for scraps that are left over. we deal with peoples lives which is a large responsibility, IMHO we deerve more pay than we get.