Nursing Commercial Ideas

  1. When the general public needed to be informed about the issues of breast cancer, heart disease, and tobacco, commercials were there to educate, resulting in raised awareness levels.

    Nursing has a poor public image and we get no respect in part because the public has no idea what we do.

    So if you had a million dollars to use for a commercial to teach the public what we do, how would it go?

    Mine would be:
    You hear the Code Blue called and nurses dive right into it. The patient survives, and a grateful family member says to the lead RN, "Oh doctor you saved him!"
    and the RN looks at her and says, "I'm glad too, but every one of us in that room just now are nurses."

    I suppose then there should be the "Pro-Nurse Slogan" flashing across the screen.

    Like: "Nurses: we do more than you think"

    Ok so I won't quit my day job and become an ad-writer.... but I'm sure you have some ideas. Go for it! Express yourself! Write your own pro-nurse commercial!!
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  3. by   NancyRN
    Before I went to nursing school, I didn't realize there were specialties. I had no idea that a cardiac nurse wouldn't know all there was to know about delivering a baby. Isn't that odd? Nobody expects doctors to know everything!

    I think the general public has this idea that nurses just carry out doctor's orders. My sister's been a Respiratory Therapist in a hospital for 25 years. Even she hasnt got a clue. She says, "What's the big deal? The doctor tells you what to do and you do it!"
  4. by   oramar
    Dear Nancy, your sister the respiratory tech remarks hurt me more than anything anyone has ever said. I worked cheek to jowl with respiratory therapist all my life and they of all people I thought would understand what a nurse does. John Q public is not in a position to know, even the doctors are only there for short periods of time. I have a warm space in my heart for RTs because they were usually the only ones there beside nursing when things go bad. I respected them and I thouht they respected me.
  5. by   canoehead
    I love that commercial! But then we could have the doc skidding around the corner just as we are settling the pt in after the code...

    Or walking in as the newborn infant has started to breastfeed.

    Or rubberstamping the DNR orders after the nurse has done a couple days of supporting and counselling the family.

    Heh, we could have fun with this.
  6. by   eltrip
    Nurses - we improvise, adapt, & overcome any & all obstacles to provide quality care to ALL of our patients!
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by canoehead
    I love that commercial! But then we could have the doc skidding around the corner just as we are settling the pt in after the code...

    Or walking in as the newborn infant has started to breastfeed.

    Or rubberstamping the DNR orders after the nurse has done a couple days of supporting and counselling the family.

    Heh, we could have fun with this.
    heh heh....

    Dr. talks to pt, all nicey=nice and pt happily eats it up. Out at nurses' station, doc has a hissy, throws chart at nurse. Ninja Nurse, with white headband, dropkicks chart neatly back into the rack.
    Dr. slinks out. Nurse Ninja smirks.
    Voiceover: "And you thought all we did was empty bedpans...."

  8. by   canoehead

    Your nurse is watching your back. OR

    As the student doc herd and the head honcho pull back the covers for an assessment in full view of hallway visitors, the nurse closes the door and curtain...

    Nurses- we've got you covered. (fade to black)
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    Love it!! :roll :roll
  10. by   Sleepyeyes
    I like this Ninja Nurse character too much to let her go....

    Ninja nurse, Matrix-like, zaps around corridors....chart flies smack dab in front of unit secretary, and Ninja appears nonplussed in front of desk--"Please call the doc and ask him what he wrote?" Camera zooms to a REAL doc handwriting sample.

    the following takes place in <10 secs
    Ninja zaps down hall, catches pt about to fall, flies him back to bed. Pt blooms happy-smile.
    Ninja zaps to next pt, zaps IV line infirst time. Happy-smile.
    Ninja zaps to Rm, gives IV push to pt in pain, who blooms happy-smile.
    CNA runs into room: "Ninja-Nurse, pt is unconscious in there!" Ninja to the rescue with the blood glucose machine and an amp of D-50. Pt. blooms happy-smile.
    CNA grabs nurse and says, "Ninja Ninja!! hurry! pt's EkG is going crazy!!" Ninja looks at EKG, gives pt, nitro SL, and pt blooms happy-smile.

    Voiceover: "Nurses: The Quieter Ninja Warriors...."
  11. by   LasVegasRN
    I'd like a campaign that can feature different aspects...
    Picture this...

    Doctor walks into a patients room, he barely looks at John (sweet little old man) and tells him, while barely looking up from the chart, "I've done all I can do for you here, I'm discharging you home." John looks afraid, he lives alone, what will he do?
    In walks Brad, he's wearing slacks, a shirt, tie, and white lab coat. He says to John, "Hi John, I'm here to make sure you have your medications when you get home, I've arranged for transportation and someone to come to your home to teach you about your new condition and how to treat it. Do you need some assistance setting up your next doctor's appointment?"
    John says, "Wow, you must be an angel!"
    Brad says, "No, I'm a NURSE"

    Brandon is a teenager at home with a big cast on his leg. He blacked out while driving home from school, not knowing that for weeks he was showing signs of diabetes. He's at home with his mother and they are arguing over how to use the new glucometer. "No, Mom, they said to do it this way!"
    "Brandon, the doctor said to just follow the instruction booklet"
    Brandon throws the machine out of the window, his mother hangs her head in despair.
    A pair of hands picks up the glucometer out of the grass. The hands rings the doorbell.
    Brandon, his mother, and a lady are sitting together in Brandon's room. The lady is showing them the glucometer. Brandon is smiling, the mother is smiling.
    Brandon says, "I didn't realize it was so easy! I'm glad you came out, you ROCK!!!"
    "No," says the lady, "I'm a NURSE".

  12. by   Sleepyeyes
    KEWL!!! LOVE IT~~!!
    Las Vegas, honey you ROCK!!
  13. by   NICU_Nurse
    I posted this in another thread, but someone told me you guys were in here, so I'm re-posting it. ;>)

    You know, ever since I started nursing school, I have wanted to see someone produce a show similar to ER but focused on the NURSES and nursing students and how they interact with the doctors, etc. instead of focusing on med students and interns and doctors and having obligatory nurse characters. I read somewhere that the reason TLC did not do a nurses show like the trauma shows they had on was because after a public poll, it was decided that nobody would watch it! Imagine. The other day as I was wrapping up at work, I finished early and had a few minutes to watch the happenings on the unit. I sat in the corner and watched the residents and interns and med students begin to file in and do their checkups on the babies (I work NICU). After twelve hours of nursing care, in which I was the sole human being actually physically involved in keeping them safe and alive and comfortable, the DR's came in and read charts, read MY notes to see how the baby did, asked ME how they did over the course of the evening. They did a physical assessment, cursory at best, and sat down to begin changing orders and writing progress notes, which included my suggestions as well as their own word for word. It's not that I disrespect physicians, on the contrary. I completely admire the profession and respect the dedication and determination it takes to succeed and be useful. I have the utmost respect for even the lowest med student on the totem pole. It's just that if only my HUSBAND or my neighbor or that person in my hair salon talking about how the nurses did nothing for him the last time he was admitted...if only THEY could sit in a corner and watch what I saw. In the meantime, I promise to watch a show like the one described above if someone else decides to put it on tv. ;> )
  14. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by Sleepyeyes
    KEWL!!! LOVE IT~~!!
    Las Vegas, honey you ROCK!!
    Awww, thanks..
    I would hope that the campaign would show us in a variety of roles in all kinds of settings, male and female.
    Here's another one I just thought of....

    Mike is at work, wringing his hands at the conveyor belt. "I hate to complain, I've only been here a few days and my hands are aching so bad!"
    George, an older man, walks up to Mike. "Hey, Mike! How's the new job going?"
    "Well, I don't want to complain, I love this new job, but my hands are aching."
    George says, "I noticed you wringing your hands when I walked up. Why don't we try lowering this workstation to your waist, and adjust the pressure level to give you an even swing?" Camera shows George and Mike making adjustments to his workstation.
    The next day....
    "Wow, George, my hands feel fine! I just wanted to come by and thank you!"
    "No problem, Mike."
    "Who are you, George, our company engineer?"
    "No, I'm a NURSE"