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For those of you who nurse children, do you find you get very attatched to them? and how do you deal with getting attatched?... Read More

  1. by   ceecel.dee
    We don't get a lot of peds...the really sick ones need more specialty than we have...but the ones I've worked with, I recognize in the community for years, and seeing them happy and healthy is...I don't know...satisfying in some way. If the folks remember me and come over to talk... I like that. I, myself, never approach them, but just smile to myself.
    It seems that I remember more details of their hospital stay...they like orange popsicles only...she had to watch the whole IV start and was very interested in all the equipment used, I let her keep the he hated that neb mask, so taught him to smoke a pipe...I don't remember all the details like that with most adult patients.
  2. by   dawngloves
    It's hard not to get attached to the long term kids. Babies you nursed from a tiny bit of nothing on the brink to a sweetie pie you get to cuddle after a feed. But I got attached to just as many patients when I did adults. Basically the same situation, sick as a dog on a vent and many pressors and you see them walk out the door.
    I have noticed that my younger co workers with no childrenn have a much stronger attachment to their patients even after discharge. Kinda strange situation IMO.
  3. by   Dayray
    I can't do peds I get too attached. Death is one thing but what really bothered me was shots and IV's.

    Toddlers are my favorite but I felt like I was messing with their feelings too much. I would gain their trust and then wham! give them a shot and they would be afraid of me. Then I would slowly build that trust back up and wham another shot. I really worried about how this would effect them so I had to leave.

    Babies I can handle but its tough too. You get attached and then send them home with less then ideal parents and that bothers you. Also when babies die or suffer, well thats just wrong and it tears you up.

    It takes a very special person to work with peds. Caring isn't enough they have to more emotionally mature then I am or think I will ever be.