Nursing and tattoos - page 21

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  1. by   Lovely RN
    I have 2 one on my back the other on my leg.
  2. by   edsdcs
    i want one on my forearm, but I would always have to cover it....
  3. by   KellNY
    Just got my 3rd one on Saturday, on the back of my neck. You can see it if my hair is up. It's the only one I have that can be seen by patients or staff.

    Unless I have a really hot Pt, then maybe they could see the one on my hip. (just kidding, I work in OB--all my pts are pregnant or post partum women)
  4. by   Sisukas
    Mine's on my right outer ankle...a set of crossed hockey sticks with the number 40 where the puck would be. (My favorite player's number and how old I was when I got it.) Above it is the word Sisu. It's occasionally seen by co-workers if my pant leg goes up, and they're always surprised. Apparently I don't appear as if I would like hockey or tattoos.
    I'd like to get my husband's band name on my lower back, maybe in Finnish too, because it looks pretty that way, but haven't gotten round to it yet.
    Both of these things are tattoos that my daughter and my nephews can use to remember significant things in my life when they miss me after I'm gone.
  5. by   vangar
    I have 5 tattoos and my nose pierced. I wear regular clothes to work and only one tattoo is visable, on my inner wrist. Sometimes, you can see some my other one because of the shoes I wear. The tattoo are located on the top of feet, on on each foot.
  6. by   pannie
    I had the permanent eye liner done. Love it! I'm a redhead and hated putting on eye liner but had no eyes if I didn't. Now, I'm having freckles removed. This IS addictive.
  7. by   AimeeJo RN
    I have a flower tattoo that takes up about the whole right side of my neck. I figured I would cover it with my hair, but wasn't realizing how much I have my hair up especially when working. I kinda regret it. So far I just get comments about how much people like it, luckily the ones who don't like it just keep quiet. It has been a great conversation starter with a few patients. They love to show me their tattoos.
  8. by   RNdudeNNJ
    i have 3 tattoos and i'm planning to get a few more. the ones i have are in places that are covered while i'm in scrubs. they are a great way to memorialize someone or event. my 2 cents..... take care...
    I do not like tatoos, I don't have one. Most of my patients with tatoos have hep B or C or both. I just became a nurse six years ago, but I am a little conservative when it comes to the career. I don't like nurses wearing long nails, nail polish, big jewellry, snickers, jeans,heavy make ups, chewing gums on the job, and things like that. I think nurses should look proffessional, and neat, and like role model.
  10. by   Kiwimid
    ok one quick question....once the tatt is healed, whats the chance of transmission given that the skin is whole like elsewhere on your body?? I have two and plan on getting more when i finish training. I have mine at the top of my arm. classic pace, but hey easy to cover, you usually dont wear tank tops in a profession like this do ya!!!:typing
  11. by   IreneL
    If I got a rose bud above my breast it would be a long stemmed rose by the time I am 80. Its amazing how so little can sag so far! My daughter and daughter-in-law both have them and they are both nurses. It seems that they are so common ow most younger people are not offended by them. If I get one it will be where it can be hidden so I can look professional when necessary.
  12. by   robpritc
    Hi everyone, about the DNR tattoo, I found this last year and thought this woman was amazing...Sorry, it will not let me post the article here, but click here....

    I admire this woman for knowing what she wants and not be afraid to let it be known.

  13. by   Pumiky
    I have two, both are on my back (shoulder and lower back) I want to get a third one but the husband doesn't want me too. He was so against it that he said I could get another cat instead of a tattoo. So that's how I ended with my second cat.