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  1. by   JenNJFLCA
    I have 2 that can easily be covered up and I'm glad I did it that way. I have sea turtles and a wave w/ a few bubbles around my right ankle and Piglet on my right upper back.
  2. by   MelRN13
    I think that it's great that this poll is still going strong after 2+ years!
  3. by   H2O Sprite
    I have one on my thigh that's really private and no one's ever seen... well I mean a few people have, teehee, for example when i've had a few too many drinks and am like "LOOK AT MY TATTOO" or in bed, but I've never told anyone what it means (it's a chinese symbol).

    I'm wondering if you can get a job with a tattoo showing, or a nose piercing or something like that?
  4. by   MuddaMia
    i have a teeny cabbage on my hip...its adorable
  5. by   nyaussie
    I have one on my upper forearm near my elbow. I love it, not sure if I will get more though. It is a minature of a Salvador Dali painting. Link is below:
  6. by   pipersjo
    I have 4 tats- eeyore on my left ankle, kokopelli on my right leg, a flower on my chest, and a black sheep on my shoulder. They are all easily covered so my boss can't object . Oh and I also have my tongue peirced and have 4 earrings in each ear. Of course, management does not like any of that so I usually don't wear my earrings and I have a clear tongue ring for work. :chuckle
  7. by   thebonster
    Quote from jadednurse
    I toyed with the idea a few times but just couldn't get the image out of my head: me, female, at age 80, with tatoos on my wrinkled, sagging, droopy old-person skin. Kind of ruined the glamour for me!:chuckle
    Me too!!!

    I just can't come up with a place on my body or a design that will withstand the sliding test of time!
  8. by   anc33
    I love my tattoos. One side of my body is reserved for Japanese style tattoos (a beautiful koi, and cherry blossoms that wrap around to a geisha on my back). The other side is old school, Sailor Jerry type work. My coworkers are all much older than me and have never been exposed to them. At first they were shocked and appauled but I am changing their previous views and they are starting to appreciate that they are art! I have never had any problems since I can cover them all. I work in pharma research and went to one of the best schools out there. The world is changing. There are definitely many of us out there now.
  9. by   froghair
    i have 3 but would love to get more. id really like to get a back piece and have an idea of what i want. i just need someone to put my idea into i would also like a lower arm piece but am concerned how it would be percieved. maybe when i get out of nursing ill get it done then
  10. by   staygold
    I have a full sleeve, a chest piece and 1 more on my other arm. I wear long sleeves most times. Patients don't mind. My co workers in the ER don't care. But a few nurses from another unit tried to "report" me when they saw one when I reached fo something one time. They were pretty much laughed at.LOL
  11. by   carlene2363
    i have a tatto on my hip that is a teddy bear with the saying love me tender i got it when i graduated from rn school and my divorce was finally. but i don't regard it. i have a daughter in rn school now and she has her tongue pierced and they cannot tell it is.
  12. by   nurse_atnite
    I love my tattoos, one of which is very visible to everyone......I have a band around my wrist, vines and flowers, it's about 2 inches wide with a 2 inch butterfly on the inside of my forearm. I also have a tribal like butterfly on my ankle (that nobody sees).

    I have this feeling that we will be a generation of old people in the nursing homes who will be identified by their tattoos......It's cool
  13. by   BabyRN2Be
    Quote from nurse_atnite

    I have this feeling that we will be a generation of old people in the nursing homes who will be identified by their tattoos......It's cool
    Boy, you are right on that one. It would be a great way of identification in the case of a band slipping off and with "sound alike" names. Just look in the chart and see "Pt has tattoo of butterfly to the left of lumbar spine." Wouldn't hold up in court though.

    I have thought about this an awful lot. I've gone from NO WAY to, well, maybe a small one in an inconspicous spot once I graduated from RN school. And if anything happened to my best friend/cousin, I would get one in memory of her (a violet as we used to go violet picking as kids). Just as long as no one else can see it, I feel it would be OK.

    I feel that the younger generations might be more receptive to nurses who have tattoos. The older generation grew up with a certain image of a nurse (think white hat, dress, and stockings) and may be a bit more reticient about someone caring for them who had very visible tattoos. Maybe this isn't the case, this is just MHO.

    ETA: Oops! Didn't realize this was an older topic and may have already commented on it. Sorry about that.
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