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  1. by   TypicalFish
    Quote from bewbew
    HEAR, HEAR!!
    I have always thought it would be nice to have one, but the thought of a faded old, outdated tattoo, slipping and sliding on the old wrinkley skin, to places it didn't originate from, always stops me from getting one!

    That shows how everyone sees things differently; when I see ink on an older person, it reminds me not to see this person as "A cutie old guy" or "A cranky old man/woman"-It helps to remind me of the life the person led; that they were young person once-like when I see "USS Indiannpolis" on an 85 year old Alzheimer pts arm, I see the young strong healthy vibrant sailor that once was...just like meeting a patients family reminds you that it's a person, not just a patient....
  2. by   PsychRNMsz
    I agree with you on seeing a persons life through thier ink. IT used to be when you got your tat you needed to think about what it means to you and what is happening to you in your life when you get it. For me it was not only symbolizing that I was an adult, but unfortunately it was a symbol of my ex (not his name but still something that always reminds me of him) I thought about getting it covered but then i thought about it, he may no longer be in my life but he was a very large part of my life and my development into the person I am today. My dad has his from the Navy and from the bike club he was in, my brother's symbolizes his strength and my sister's represents her family... I have several more that I want to get, but I am waiting until I have the school part out of the way.

    Does anyone have a nursing tattoo?

  3. by   cher722

    sorry, tattoos and professionals are a no go, unless you do not consider yourself a professional, or plan to conceal your tattoo on duty
  4. by   angel p
    I personally have one tattoo on my shoulder area. I say it's up to the person if they won't to have it or not. Of course I do agree with placing them in discreet areas so that it doesn't offend, but can be shown if you want to. I think we forget that sometimes we take care of older people and for us younger nurses some of the things we do is actually rude and offensive to others. I say keep it tasteful if it shows, but if it doesn't show do what you want. Unfortunately I will be one of those old people w/hanging skin and a old faded hanging tattoo.
  5. by   Graciegirlienurse
    i am so glad that you mentioned it is a fantastic resource and anyone who is interested in tats, body piercing, or any other from of body modification should check it out!

    I dont have any tattoos yet, I do have my ears stretched to 00gauge, (organic jewelry) my nipples pierced (titanium barbells) and my rooks done on both sides.

    I think that any way a person chooses to decorate his or her body is beautiful, we should celebrate the diversity that exists within our profession. at my hospital there are plenty of tats and metal.
  6. by   PsychRNMsz
    I love that website, a friend of mine told me about it years ago because almost every tat and piercing hes gotten hes posted there.

    Do you ever have to take out your plugs while at work? A guy in my class has his ears stretched and he has to take out the plugs while we are in clinical but he can have everything in at school.

    Just wondering becuase this subject facinates me

  7. by   Graciegirlienurse
    My hospital is very cool about all of this. we have a phlebot guy with multiple facial/neck tats, and open earlobes the size of quarters!

    I leave my plugs in because that is how I like it, I love showing off my beautiful jewelry. but i do think that it is a silly policy to make people remove thier plugs, as the big holes can be more noticeable than the plugs themselves.
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from cher722

    sorry, tattoos and professionals are a no go, unless you do not consider yourself a professional, or plan to conceal your tattoo on duty
    you could have almost said "somoene with tattoos is not a professional." your post sounded very judgemental.
  9. by   Annor
    I have a tattoo....

    I was 37 years old when I got mine.....a pretty rose on my ankle.

    I am now 48..and still love it.
  10. by   SFCardiacRN
    I can not imagine myself getting a tattoo and hope my child does not. However, they have became an accepted means of personal expression (groan) and nurses can have them too.
  11. by   PsychRNMsz
    that is good that your hospital is very liberal with personal expressions. Most of the girls in my class have thier tongues pierced and are suppose to take it out while at clinicals, but none of them ever do. I had to take mine out 5 years ago when i started working at Pfizer (wearing the beard mask in the sterile area when I was 8 months pregnant and in a full bunny suit made me very closterphobic)
    The guy in my class and I were talking about all of his ink and piercings one day and I forget what he said his was but i know that 0 is very large... how long did that take?

    Like i said I am very facinated by all of it. I think my graduation tat will be the staff and snake...but i still want my little girls name on my arm

  12. by   angel_in_sneakers
    Quote from cher722

    sorry, tattoos and professionals are a no go, unless you do not consider yourself a professional, or plan to conceal your tattoo on duty

    i am very offended by this post. i have been an lpn for 18 yrs ( working towards my adn ) and i consider myself very much a professional. all of my tattoos (4) can be concealed by scrubs but even if they were visible, they in no way effect my knowledge or quality of patient care. i also have a nose ring,, i suppose that makes me unprofessional as well.
  13. by   AJfutureCNS/Phd
    I have alot of them i got when i was 18 and a few in my early twenties. i love them but i always cover them up at work and most of the time in school as well. in a serious setting i prefer people looking at me not just my arms. but to each his own