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  1. Has anyone out there had any similar experiences or eye opening experiences with nursing agencies?
    For several months I had worked with a Nursing Agency called MSN. The local branch was in Augusta, Ga. I had been enjoying it. I started participating in their 401k. After a couple months I had put in 0ver 1400.00 . I called the financial company one day to get loan for tuition purposes to learn that money taken from my pay was never sent to the financial holding co. The financial company advised me to contact my employer. When I started to work with the MSN payroll the local branch manager became belligerent and hostile and physically assaulted me by pushing me and telling me I was being petty by looking into such issues. I had never been loud or disrespectful in any manner at any time. I had tried to explain to the Director that it was being worked out and that payroll personnel were going to research my account to find where the money was. I kept all copies of my pay stub that shows all the daily deductions from my pay. I was paid daily. To this day I don't really understand why she reacted that way. I was terminated. The termination letter I received said that they could terminate with out reason and that they choose to no longer have a relationship with me. That's the reason????
    I did file an assault charges against the Nursing Agency Director. To date I have not received any of the money taken from my pay. I did receive a summary of account recently from the financial holder and they have stated they only have around 450.00 of the money taken from my pay. Unbelievable. I have never had such a thing or been treated this way in my entire working life. I am still shocked. I thought I had made peace with this subject. Obviously not, I was assaulted and had my money taken. I feel no different then if street thug had snatched my pursed and knocked me down on the street. Well now its up to the court system. Nurses should be careful with nursing agencies. Learned the hard way.

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  3. by   azgirl
    I worked for Nursing Centers Inc. Got a call and accepted an assignment and when the pay came the following week it was for several dollars less an hour. I now have agencies fax me their offer before I will go so that it isn't my word against theirs.

    I'm so sorry about your 401k. Most of us just lost ours having it in there but yours never even got that far. What added insult to injury on mine was they charged me $200 to dissolve my account when I pulled the money out. They get you in, during and out.
  4. by   sjoe
    mhillsrn--your local district attorney's office can tell you where to file formal charges regarding the 401(k) fraud.

    Also, there is an "agency nurses forum" on this BB where you might wish to post this information and ask for suggestions and feedback re MSN.
  5. by   joyflnoyz
    I would also notify the State Attorney General.. make copies of all your pay stubs to send, along with a letter stating what has happened and requesting the matter be looked into
    Collect and locate as many check stubs as possible showing the amounts taken out of your check at each pay period. Contact the DA in your area what happen to you is fraud. Also I bet the Directors hand was in the cookie jar and because you were fired you will be considered a hostile witness. But on the other hand you brought something to the companys attentions. (Which places you under the Whistleblowers Act)Working with an agency yes they can fire you for any reason it is up to thier discretion.It is in the contract which you sign. But before signing anything such as pay and benefits have copies of all for yourself and your records. I would sue the Director for assult and battery because of them physically touching you it now becomes battery. Get a good lawyer and nail them to the wall. Its stealing if you allow them to get away with it. Get your money back and on your resume , note why you left the position. So they cant damage your reputation.
  7. by   renerian
    That is not legal and immoral. File criminal charges. I would run there.

  8. by   JNJ
    mhillsrn: I believe I have seen something about MSN on this site before. Try a search and see what others have to say about this agency. Justice may help you to feel better; I feel ripped off for you. Hang in there and fight back.