Nurse's Week. Whadya get?

  1. What did your hospital or employer get the staff for nurses week? I am still laughing about what WE got! A melted gooey candy apple, a rice crispie square, and a 120ml container of highly delectable and ever festive fruit punch! What a spread! Ha! Ha! Ha!
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  3. by   maikranz
    I can top it: I got an Otis (?) Spelunker peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie
    (two total) in a perky bag with a green bow. I bet you're jealous.

    Of course, at the party our nurses district gave, we got a buffet dinner, a great speaker who presented an uplifting message that was all about staff nurses and making a difference in our own unique way, an hour of CEU, and goodies from the 15 or so vendors that came to show their wares. It cost about $20 / per person.

    It's all about who values who. Happy Nurses Week!
  4. by   YADA-YADA
    Well now you are really going to be jealous.
    We got cold sandwiches and chips from the hospital cafeteria. NUMMY!!
    Oh by the way we could also BUY a happy nurses week t-shirt from the gift shop for a meer $10.00!!
    I told you would be jealous. (he he)

  5. by   traumaRUs
    Well, our administration has gotten all the area RNs to knock down his door...he gave us flower seeds (????) and a coupon for a small bag of popcorn from the cafeteria. WOOOW!!
  6. by   cobie
    Ok, here goes! I work in Texas also and we had a frito pie lunch with a funnel cake-cold-for dessert! Our prize was a insulated lunch bag that everyone got, so when we bring our food to work we all have the same bag! I know they (upper mgmt). tried but none of them came, even our director of nursing did not show up. We are overworked, underpaid, and burnedout- but I have a lunch bag with some left over funnel cake for anyone who wants some!
  7. by   Nancy1
    In Milwaukee we celebrated with a Lamplight Walk, it was our 10th, actually. For $2. you had free soda, sandwiches, music, door prizes and about 30 vendors. That was Monday night.
    Today at my facility, at our nurses meeting/celebration we had cheese, sausage, crackers, soda, nuts, eclairs, and muffins along with door prizes from the nurse management team, and from the facility a coffee mug with an inspirational saying (all departments get these mugs during their week.) I know some of my staff said it wasn't much, but it sure sounds better that what some of you got. Happy Nurses Week. NA
  8. by   bunky
    You're right! I am green with envy (or maybe it was the candy apple). Any doctors send anything along to the nursing units?
  9. by   Maggie LI
    All of you are luckly preson. In Hong Kong, we didn't have anything from anyone in nurse week. Do you think we are poorly?
  10. by   Mary H.
    On Saturday, we worked with REMSA on a community project with child safety seats. On Monday, we had an ice cream social with 3 sessions, including evenings and nights (served by shared governance council, directors, managers, supervisors, nursing VP). On Tuesday, each nursing unit was "adopted" by another department for the day. On Wednesday, flowers were given to each person working. On Thursday, directors/managers/supervisors delivered cookie trays for all shifts in each department. On Friday, each department does something for their own area. We also received pens. And yes, we did receive at least one gift from a physician - a very large bouquet of exotic flowers.

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  11. by   RNS2GO
    Don't feel bad my husband and I are travelers. I didn't get so much as a happy nurses day! Our company didn't send us anything. The hospital we were at gave their nurses t shirts but not to travelers.
    So, I hope everyone had a happy nurses day.
  12. by   Nancy1
    It's Nancy again,
    Our Social Workers gave to the management nurses a box of nuts and a very nice card.
    I think that it is very strange because the Nursing department has been diligent in recognizing all the other departments on their days, with a certificate and a plate of cookies. I guess that is what we get for trying to keep morale up. NA
  13. by   suzannasue
    WELL..we got a canvas bag with JCAHO APPROVED
    written on one side,the hospital logo on the other side. One group of surgeons sent us pizza. However,I have laughed out loud because I found a memo from administration that told the nurse managers to refrain from
    personally acknowledging NURSE'S WEEK because it would be an infraction of corporate policy. Nice to know where we stand
    with the buzzards!!!
    Lets see them run a hospital without us!!!!!
  14. by   Bell
    We had a nice dinner (chicken alfredo, veggies, rolls and chocolate cake) and a no host bar. It cost $7.50 per person in order to cover costs if no one showed. When there were more than enough people registered they bought flowers for each table and held a free raffle. I live in a small town and there were nurses there from the surrounding hospitals (Idaho and Washington). Our directors, supervisors, and nursing service director was there. There was a display of the nurses from the hospital.