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  1. by   SafetyNurse1968
    the coffee is cold, and could they please have another sweet n' low?
  2. by   explorereb96
    The paranoid schizophrenic that thinks his Tele monitor has someone inside telling him that "they are coming to get him" ...somehow finds and pushes the code button ....yells to me "see!!! I told you they were coming to get me." as everyone rushes in..
  3. by   MassNurse24
    That my confused patient hasn't pulled out their PICC line/foley and try to put it in their mouth!
  4. by   Lexi440
    Them in the doorway holding their foley and draining bag and their colostomy bag
  5. by   scotty2hotty7417 patience pushed!
  6. by   Presh123
    Patient dead
  7. by   LVN_IAM
    That they have fell, have multiple skin tears and their Foley is dislodged, with balloon intact!!
  8. by   bansn
    ...them intentionally pouring out their filled urinal out on their head and all over the bed.

    seriously... what, why?
  9. by   cardiacfreak
    That the confused old guy has chewed through his catheter tubing again.
  10. by   SaychezRn
    A 27 week old baby in the toilet. It has happened to me ,with a girl who didn't know she was pregnant, with a back ache and a sister who did the same thing.....
  11. by   smartiipants
    ..them sitting on it accidentally
  12. by   Tiffilynn1
    A patients family member holding the call light and in the other hand a stopwatch.
  13. by   CallLightDisco
    One of the Dr's who used to give me a hard time on the phone!