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This is truly a VENT. A VENT about my own family-specifically my AUNT. It all started last week when my aunt said she would have to spend the night with my grandma(her mom) because the nurses... Read More

  1. by   showbizrn
    Familes and friends who require nursing-care/STAT should hire private-duty nurses---PERIOD!

    Like the song goes,

    "Put your MONEY where your (high-demanding) mouth is
    or you ain't sayin' nothing.
    Put your money where your mouth is
    or you ain't sayin' a DAMN thing.


    (I LOVE this song):spin:
  2. by   The Hated Consultant
    The posts about the TV shows are right; when was the last time you saw a massive code brown on ANY of them?

    Guess I'll go put my feet up now and eat some bon bons while doing my nails and drooling over McDreamy.

    People are such idiots.
  3. by   sharona97
    I think of the word eccentric.
  4. by   The Hated Consultant
    Quote from sharona97
    I think of the word eccentric.
    You're right; "eccentric" is probably better. I'm just a crab today.
  5. by   sharona97
    Quote from Evil Consultant
    The posts about the TV shows are right; when was the last time you saw a massive code brown on ANY of them?

    Guess I'll go put my feet up now and eat some bon bons while doing my nails and drooling over McDreamy.

    People are such idiots.
    Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. I'm crabby too today!!!!lol. I just muttered what I thought about these "people (patients)". If it makes you feel anybetter one of my docs told me, "people are just weird". What a hoot.

    Hope your day gets better.
  6. by   Ms Kylee
    Had one today who didn't want to ring her bell to have the bedside brought over to her. I got it over and got her on and asked her if she'd like a bath while she was there. She told me that she heard "You guys don't bathe patients anymore". I about fell on the floor. I told her yes, we do, every day. I got her washed up and then she started on how I shouldn't have to do this and that for her, and she's a very independent woman, etc. I told her I understood her independence means a lot, but for now, let me spoil her a little, and if I didn't do these things for her, they wouldn't get done. Then she started on being independent again, and that she doesn't want to be there. I reiterated again that I understood she wants to be independent. Then I looked her straight in the eye and told her that if she wasn't a patient, I wouldn't have a job. She gave me a wide eyed look for a few seconds, then said "you're right, honey. Do what you need to do."

    Her daughter was visiting most of the day, and she was so thrilled to hear that she got a bath. Patient told me the bath was the best part of the hospital stay so far.
  7. by   siggie13
    The main reason I do not watch medical shows on TV is how the nurses are portrayed. I guess that some people who do watch those shows really believe what they see. We need to boycott those shows and the sponsoring products until a more accurate picture of nursing is shown. Even the one show called "Nurse" was sooo stupid that I could not believe that they had a nurse consultant. I, personally, never had a problem telling family and patients how busy I was and that I had to prioritize my work. Then, of course, we have the all invasive problem of people just expecting too much all the time and of having this entitlement mentality. Can anyone wonder why I quit!
  8. by   Ms Kylee
    Have one on my side of the floor now... family complains because the doc ordered IV meds discontinued and now given PO. Son told sister "They're trying to rush her out of here, which isn't right, she's sick". Yes, she's sick, but there's not much more we can do since patient is in chronic liver failure due to drugs and alcohol abuse. They even had the nerve to put up a note of their demands.

    Yesterday, the nurse was in about twice an hour, I was in every hour to round, and they're still complaining that we're not paying enough attention to her.

    Hello? Can you say Private Duty?
  9. by   banditrn
    Quote from allison2008

    and my all time favorite is the family members who pick up the water pitcher and stand outside trauma 1 during a code while im on top of a patient doing CPR and ask why i didnt bring grandpa his drink. hes dying of thirst you know. my sincerest apologies. this patient is already dead.
    I handled this, as long as my patient was able to drink, by smiling and telling the family member that I'd be happy to get it and "why don't you come with me so that I can show you where the water and ice machine is - then next time you won't have to wait for me." Always worked for me.
  10. by   jbp0529
    Quote from ingelein
    Why not have a reality type show in which a nurse is followed on a med surg unit, especially in a crummy hospital that is known for understaffing. Or maybe those hospital/ doctor/ nurse dramas could feature a story of the day in the life of an overworked nurse, show the greedy hospital owners cutting the budget and chuckling while counting their yearly profits, pan back to the med surg unit and the frazzeled nurses running amok......

    LOL... I bet that show would be hilarious and entertaining!
  11. by   jbp0529
    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    I saw a sign in a patient's room the other day--- it said "Very good isn't good enough! We will provide you with EXCELLENT care!" (emphasis theirs)

    Only one I've seen; I suspect the others had already been torn down
    I'd love to make a sign for the frequent-flyer ER and ICU pts that looked like a fuel gauge almost on empty, called "the sympathy meter".
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  12. by   bigredrn57
    Why is it the suits who come up with these inane slogans never provide direct patient care? They always say ''we are a team.'' Where are they? I remember one drug seeker who threatened me with calling the CEO because I would not take him down to smoke. Here is his phone number. As far as the '' dramas'' go, I can't stand them. It gives patients, (not customers,this is not Burger KIng), false expectations. Many times having it their way played a large part in why they're patients.
  13. by   annelvn2004
    Your comment took me back to my Navy days as a corpsman. We would have fleet sailors come into the clinic for some minor complaint and make comments about how cushy HM duty was, not knowing that minutes before his grand entrance we just finished with a patient from an MVA. Too bad you can't see the mess on the nurses'/corpsman's shoes when they are sitting down for the first time in 8-10 hours.