Nurses from aborad....

  1. So we are being helped by nurses from abroad../?????
    Do you remember how Mcdonalds and Burger king ran out of employies. What did they do? does anyone at McDonalds speak english anymore?
    Am I comparing our jobs to working fast food? you tell me.

    Why is the ANA allowing foreign Nurses to obtain licenses...???
    really thats my biggest question it seems like the ANA is bending over backwards to relive the shortage. when I think the shortage is the best thing for nurses since disposible needles.
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  3. by   sjoe
    See the thread "US licensing exam to be given in foreign countries" on "General Nursing Discussion" for more on this.
  4. by   UKRNinUSA
    those darn pesky foreigners
    correct me if I'm wrong- the United States is a country of immigrants and descendants of immigrants - Alan Smith doesn't sound like a native American name to me
  5. by   eltrip
    Another proud product of immigrants right here!

    Remember "Comin' to America" by Neil Diamond? I am amazed that so many people are still wanting to come to this country, with the current terrorist threat that has landed on our shores!

    Glad to have nurses from anywhere as long as they can speak the language & deal with our culture. And, of course, as long as they are treated fairly by TPTB.

    I agree that the causes of the shortage need to be addressed. I sure wouldn't want to prevent immigration to this country on the basis of being a nurse...not being competent in the language, sure, no problem. Anyhow...

    Just my 2 cents worth. I'll stop rambling now.
  6. by   fergus51
    Another semi foreigner here (dual Canadian/US citizen).

    Nurses are allowed to write the American exam when they can prove their qualifications. They pass the same NCLEX you had to. Guess what? American nurses can do the same thing in other countries! They can go and work in foreign countries too. Why aren't you complaining about those pesky Americans stealing jobs from the locals, like you do about immigrants stealing jobs from Americans? Are there really that many immigrants jumping at the bit to move to Utah and steal your jobs and ruin nursing as a profession? Damn. I didn't think our evil plan was known by the real Americans yet.
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  7. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by fergus51
    Damn. I didn't think our evil plan was known by the real Americans yet.
    I ALWAYS suspected you Canadians of having devious designs! Actually, from having visited and having relatives there, maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing!
  8. by   alansmith52
    Actually yes I belived people in the philippneswill seek nursing as a means to come here. and the article did raise question to theri clinical competency.
    And imagine you are a membe of al quidia. cna you think of an easier way to get here.
    ' most of all this. What does the ANA have to gain by reliving the shortage. we will show CEO's and Insurace compnanies that we are not as rich a comodity as we think we are.
  9. by   alansmith52
    foringners from uk and canada or even australia are obviously no what I am talking about.
    i mean nurses from under develped countires whos education is questionable.
    Dear Mr Alan Smith,

    Please , on the behalf of some that worked in other areas in the world., Dont generalize so... I myself have worked in Singapore, Cairo, Egypt and South Africa with some of the best trained , (with less equipment), nurses in the world. Yes there are Nurses coming from 3rd world countries to work in the good Ol USA, and I will be more than willing to assist anyone of them to better thier lives in doing so. If they are trained to handle the situation , and can Pass the NCLEX , just as I have then so be it, They are not taking anything from any one nurse in here, but possibly helping many nurses in here in reducing a load that is beyond rediculous.
    They are coming the hospital I am currently on assignment with. They recruited over 1000 possible Nurses all RN'S, to help fill the gap, and I will be glad to see them, but they have things to accomplish before they can taste the american way.
    The majority of this country is founded on immagrants, Unless you are Native American Indian , you are a "forgeiner " as well.
    I have yet to run into anyone when Im working overseas with that American trained RN is taking my job, if anything they are so thankful as we are another Nurse with hands and a brain has come to help.
    Just my 2 cents
  11. by   alansmith52
    All of your (collective) arguments regarding immigration and racial equality are well founded and I belive them. As I think of it my argument is more toward the value of the profssion.
    stay with me for one second. after centries Nurses are finally being seen. reports are showing that we do make a diffrence. Hosptals are having to close O.R.'s We knew all along that it would take a healh care crisis inorder to be recognized. The CEO sitting in the big office is finnaly saying F"oh I guess we do need nurses and we are not just complying to JChO after all, we actualy need them" Nurses are finally being paid more than ever (not near what their worth) so my question is simply this. Why do we want to rush right out and ease that CEO's Burden. If he really needs nurses he can get them we all know it. if he offers us 70000 a year I've got a team of thousands that will be at that hospital tomorrow. this is what needs to be forced to happen.
    by recuriting Nurses from abroad we are only helping the CEO to relize what he already knew. that we are worthless. they will be able to pay these people much less. in the long run when the shortage is over they will be able to keep nurses for cheaper.
    Nurses deserve respect and reimbursment. now that it is about to happen we will be our own worst enemy. why? because we care. we care too damn much. we would rather take an enternal pay cutt than see our patinets go without the best of care.
  12. by   sjoe
    It is the height of naive political analysis and short-sighted as well, to look at this matter of importing nurses as simply a way to fill hospital vacancies that American nurses don't want to fill.

    It is clear enough that by taking pressure off the health care system to begin treating their employees, nurses included, decently, we are helping no one, except in the very short term. Short-staffed nurses gain a brief breather--but at a major price.

    Hiring all these nurses from other countries (and by the way, since they are mostly here on work visas, not as immigrants, an equivalence cannot be made between them and immigrants) simply takes the pressure off these hospitals to improve.

    THAT is what so many people are objecting to.

    So far as the notion of other countries not complaining about American nurses moving to their lands and taking their nurses' jobs--I can only assume that is a joke.

    What incentive could these other countries offer US nurses to relocate? A few can and do offer more money for certain specialties than their US equivalents, others can offer a missionary setting that is attractive to some, some nurses relocate because their spouses have done so for a job transfer, other nurses just want to do some international traveling/working.

    Otherwise, the number is stunningly small compared to those wishing to move to the US to work--as it is in most fields. They are complaining because WE are stealing THEIR nurses, not that we are sending ours to them!

    Get real.
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  13. by   caliotter3
    I used to think "more power to them" about anybody who came from abroad to better themselves and their familiies. Then I really did lose my job to one. (And, rest assured, it was not b/c this person was better qualified!). Slightly changed my viewpoint. You know what they say about people not caring about issues until it hits home. But, unfortunately, what really has given me a bad taste in my mouth, has been observing some of the on-the-job beh. It gets tiring to keep up the smile and always be somewhat defensive of co-workers when pts make legitimate (and not legitimate) complaints about them. But still, when you get right down to it, I remind myself that an individual does not have to be from abroad to conduct themselves in a bad manner. We just tend to notice them more.
    Im sorry , your argument just isnt winning the battle with me, maybe it isnt goint to and thats ok. The Forgein nurses that you speak about ,will be and are going to be making the same amount as a starting Nurse, the rate of pay will not change because they have now entered the country. Yes they will have to repay the costs for the flights and visa's but other than that , they will earn the same wages. (Which is more than the 200 a month us for 160 more hours in their own countries)
    I could care less what a CEO'S woes are, unless he is a patient of mine, I care only for my patients to have the best patient care possible and if it consists of having a forgein nurse at thier beside then so be it.
    As far as Nursing not making what they are worth I totally agree, but If you think for one minute that Im making chump change then think again. Also I didnt enter the field of nursing to become a Millionare, I became a Nurse because it was in my heart to help another less fortunate than myself , and I do so everyday , with a helping hand , a caring smile , and being that patients advocate to the best of my knowledge and ability , and I will contiue doing so everyday that there is a breath in my body.
    What will be cured in anytime of the future that will allow nurses to recieve what they are worth, to have the respect deserved, and to be treated with respect by , adm, mgnt, and Drs?
    How is objecting to some one not from this country, as a Nurse going to help us but hender us even further? Im not on the side of the CEO's , by any means but Im also tired of working short staffed in unsafe conditions and not being able to do the best care for my patient because "We just dont have the coverage" , I find that unacceptable and I have to chew on it everyday when I have to short a patient on the proper care needed. Its unfair to the patient. I would hope that one day , some CEO gives up the multi million dollar dream house , and the insurance companies pay as they should and the fat cats not becoming fatter, but in the society we live in today I dont foresee the end during my lifetime.What more can be done, What more can I do to encourage someone to enter a feild where we are treated so badly that our own are leaving in droves as we speak? How will the gap be filled...
    I wish I had an answer I truly do, but I dont, but if this will temporary elevate some of the tensions then please Load the boat and get them to the boards.