Nurses, do you routinely do beds and baths? - page 3

Do you routinely do beds and baths along with your patient assignment or does your hospital institution provide an aid to deliver this type of care? I am an RN and at my new place of employment, I... Read More

  1. by   MerryRN
    I will be working with another RN for 4-6 weeks. Some places offered to let me go through the new grad orientation (which I thought would be great).
  2. by   bigjay
    I work on an oncology/gmed floor. Days assignment is 4 or 5 patients and we're responsible for total care. I much prefer that to having double the assignment but not doing the baths. I find baths are a good time to converse with patients and do your head to toe assessments.
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Making beds is part of the equipment we work with as healthcare professionals. This question has to do more with your additude, in my opinion. Someone mentioned the word team, which is an important dynamic at any setting.

    I'm not a nurse yet, only a CNA going to school RN in 2005. If a new admit is coming, someone has to make the bed. If many admits are coming I would have no problem in making any bed. I usually see a nurse participating in making a bed when the PT is out of the bed. Sometimes you don't have much of a window to change linen if the PT is a TOTAL. You have to take care of your back with proper posture when you make a bed.

    If you saw a doctor making a bed, would you stop them and take over? A bed is part of the equipment, duh. I'm not "holier than thou." :-)
  4. by   Rapheal
    So it looks like about slightly more than half of us do routine bed and baths. Thanks so much for the info everybody. This BB is a great resource to see how other institutions( and of course staff) provide patient care.
  5. by   mystc42
    I'm a CNA and where I work I am responsible for ADL activities....including baths, linen, vitals, Blood sugars, feeding, turning, and changing incontinent patients. Our ratios are obviously a lot better than where you work. We have 1 nurse to 4-6 patients on first shift and 1 CNA for 10-15 patients. Although this weekend I had 23(EEK) Anyhow the nurses usully have time to help me out a little which is fine when I need it. But I work with some wonderful nurses who just jump in and do it before I get a chance. But then there is the extreme that call me out of a bath to take ice water to someones room. (A little extreme) Anyhow I think it all depends on management and if they are giving you that much of a load they need to rethink the hiring of new staff.
  6. by   Rocknurse
    I work in an ICU in London and we have to do everything for our patients. We only have one Healthcare Assistant on the unit and she is usually too busy to help but you try to grab her if you can. We don't have Respiratory Therapists in England either, so we are responsible for all vent changes, nebulizers etc as well.
  7. by   salwalwol
    We also do our own baths, I work nights ICU and we don't have any CNA's. We routinely assist each other in the baths. It"s a small unit only 6 beds. and there's only 3 RN's on nights. We are responsible for EVERYTHING. Plus we have to cover the rest of the Hosp for staring IV's, Lab draws if the lab tech is not available. and anything else the Super can think of. (so she doesn't have to do it.)