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Do you think it is ok if a nurse or a doctor smokes? Because i know when i go to the doctors office with my boyfriend and he tells him that he smokes that he gos on and on of how he shouldnt be... Read More

  1. by   pedsnrs1
    It's their body but it has nauseated me as a patient to have a nurse or a doctor come in reaking of smoke to care for me. Then they want to tell me that if I dropped 50 lbs the arthritic pain in my knees would decrease. Go figure.
  2. by   kenzy
    I too am a smoker, and not proud of it. But I will tell you this we must practice what we preach, and that goes for smoking, over weight dietitian, and anyone else in our profession that gives advice that you blatantly can tell they don't take themselves. There is nothing more upsetting. A prime example of this is I went to the Doc. office cant remember why and saw the nurse practitioner. In my conversation with her I was told that I needed to start exercising and eat right to be an a healthy physical body and mind state. Don't get me wrong I totally agreed with her but sat there for a few seconds to absorb what this women had just said to me. Now let me set the picture. This women was approximately 5 feet 6" and about 280 pounds, I was 5'4" and 115 pounds, now who should be given the advice. The point is I vowed that day that I would not be a hypocrite, I would inform my patience of the risk, but would never tell someone not to do something. I believe that once someone is informed of the risk my job is done it is now up to them. And I will tell you this yes I do try to hide the fact that I do smoke, but if you ask I will be honest.
  3. by   CrownHunter
    I have never had a problem with doctors ar nurses that smoke, and I hvae met plenty. I do have a problem wen it is getting in the way of daily tasks, if they smell of smoke at work or if they do not bother o wash their hands after they smoke.... it seems trivial, but their private lives are just that- private. so long as it doesnt interfer with the job who cares?
  4. by   new_grad06
    I think there is somewhat of a contradiction in a healthcare worker smoking...
  5. by   Sean 91
    We nonsmokers always swear we are going to take up smoking in order to get a break. Smokers take multiple breaks and don't seem to run into any patient issues while they are gone, although sometimes a smoking nurse's IV will beep and I'll clear it, or a smoking aide's patient (no my patient) will need to go to the bathroom and I'll help the patient.

    My HCA hospital closed the smoking lounge and banned tobacco use (smoking and chewing) on the grounds (patients--and employees--may have ordered patches) so the employees go to a little park behind the hospital just off the back parking lot. So that means they are gone from the floor for 15-20 minutes, as it takes 5 minutes just to walk out of the building. And they don't scan out as they are supposed to when going off the grounds, so they are still smoking on hospital time. Not quite fair, really, and continues to be a danger to patient safety.
  6. by   idunno
    well, i'm not a nurse yet. but i worked with this girl who used to work at a hospital. and she said that the doctors/ nurses who ever... were really party people, drinking, smoking, smoking other stuff too ( i mean at like paries ya know. ahah) ... is this stuff true? i mean ..she could nave been exagerating.
  7. by   ertravelrn
    I just quit smoking two weeks ago, and sometimes still resent that I quit. I did it for my own personal health reasons. I enjoyed smoking. I wouldn't smoke around where patients could see me, nor did I take any unscheduled breaks to smoke.
  8. by   nursebyfaith
    I AGREE! Smoking is a very personal yet very addicting habit. Nurses do know how bad it is to smoke and they are constantly reminded when patient teaching.. but it is the individual's decision.
  9. by   notaclue
    I disagree with medical professionals giving advice that they themselves do not follow.
  10. by   Pam I Am RN
    I think nurses and dr's smoking is no worse than nurses and dr's being obese
  11. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from notaclue
    I disagree with medical professionals giving advice that they themselves do not follow.
    So, what are you saying? That if a nurse smokes, she shouldn't tell her patients about the dangers of tobacco? Should she lie?
  12. by   scooterRN52
    Quote from Pam I Am RN
    I think nurses and dr's smoking is no worse than nurses and dr's being obese
    I agree that healthcare workers give a negative impression when they smoke and shouldn't do it. I quit tobacco 6 years ago. I work in an oncology hospital too, so I see some really serious cases on a med-surg floor.
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  13. by   time4meRN
    If nurses did everything they tell pt's we would be the most healthy group of people out there. Just like anything else, plumbers pips leak, carpenters house is falling apart, house keepers homes are a mess. I don't smoke, but I could go there with over eating, working too much, working under high stress with very few outlets, too much coffee on night shift , gosh I could go on and on. We give people information. It's still up to them.