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Do you think it is ok if a nurse or a doctor smokes? Because i know when i go to the doctors office with my boyfriend and he tells him that he smokes that he gos on and on of how he shouldnt be... Read More

  1. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from thatoneguy
    its not a matter of you should know better. its a matter of tormenting the individual for following the rules. its not the individual smoker that said its ok to smoke. we should not give an attitude to someone that is following the rules. not that you do. i just think its wrong to chastise a person for doing what they have been told is ok to do. your or whoevers gripe is with the legislators and or administration of where you work, not with the individual. smokers smoke where they are told it is ok to do so. am i a bad person who diservers to be disrespected and have my credibility stripped because i am following the rules.
    funniest part of all this is i am not a smoker, not even a ex smoker. i understand what you are saying, but still think it is just wrong to say anything to the smoker, who is a actual person with feeling and everything. sure if they smoke in a area that should not be smoking ok get on them but, if they are smoking in the area they were told was their area to smoke so be it. take it up with administration not that individual. and in no way should anyone show disrespect towards them simply because they dont like the current rules. just because i am one of the only ones that is standing up for the smoker donsent mean i am in the minority that thinks its ok for them to smoke, look at the pole results.
    Good point!!
  2. by   ns lpn
    Before I was a nurse I was just a person. I started smoking at the age of 8 (scarey - yes) now as a nurse knowing all the risks and seeing all the effects I wish I never smoked, and continue to try and quit. However I am still a person, and dispite many attempts to quit I still smoke. I don't complain when a co-worker who doesn't smoke takes their break and I never leave the floor at unschedule break times to smoke. I once heard a co-worker jokingly say "I should smoke, at least then I'd get a break" and I thought why don't they take their break anyways? I certainly wouldn't stop them, somedays I don't get a break and I don't blame anyone.
    Doctors and Nurses should not smoke - ideally no one should but reality is people do smoke and despite all the new laws, education and medical studies done - people continue to smoke. Someone once told me it's an addiction but most people today seem to think its just a choice. All the new anti-smoking advertisement no longer says "smoking" is stupid it says "the people who smoke are" and I personally find it offensive that the general public supports that, I don't call someone who is addicted to meth stupid, I don't call the overweight person stupid and yet I apparently am.
  3. by   Justhere
    I once heard a co-worker jokingly say "I should smoke, at least then I'd get a break" and I thought why don't they take their break anyways? I certainly wouldn't stop them, somedays I don't get a break and I don't blame anyone.

    Usually when you hear this comment it is because the non-smoker is feeling like the smokers are getting too many breaks. I have worked with smokers that every time you turn around they are gone on a smoke break. Working in the nursery it is kind of hard and you got crying babies left and right and your help just jumps up and leaves to go smoke. Its the same on the floor it never seems like a call light goes off until you are left all by yourself and the other two nurses you work with leave for a smoke break. I had two nurses I hated to work with when I worked the floor, because they always left together and were always gone longer than the 15 minutes. One was real bad to leave when one of her IV's was due to be changed or PCA pumps. Then I would have to explain to her patient that I couldn't refill her PCA until her nurse came back because you had to have two nurses to change the PCA meds at our hospital.
  4. by   ns lpn
    I personally never leave the floor if I know someone will be inconvienced by it. However when and if I can take my scheduled breaks I do - because I smoke perhaps but mostly b/c I need off the floor for a few minutes to recharge some days I just get a cup of tea and a b/r break. As far as the call bells going just when the other staff leaves - I think that's Murphy's Law happens to myself alot as well. The girls you work with just sound inconsiderate - I work with some of those too but not all of them smoke.
  5. by   etzie
    Take it from a smoking LPN, we say that because we have to. Actually I would prefer to tell them that it is your body and you are old enough to make your own decisions.
  6. by   etzie
    Quote from brendamyheart
    Good info!!
    That was great info. My hats off to you.
  7. by   RN 4 U
    Personally i really do not think that is is professional to be in the healthcare field and be a smoker. It is a contradition to your profession.And please do let me see you in all whites one minute and the next minute you're outside smoking, that is a big contradition. But then,who am i to tell someone that if that is what they want to do, then so be it. They just need to realize that if they don't quit that they too might be someones patient someday.
  8. by   augigi
    Quote from RN 4 U
    But then,who am i to tell someone that if that is what they want to do, then so be it. They just need to realize that if they don't quit that they too might be someones patient someday.
    They don't "want" to most of the time, they are addicted to nicotine. Do you think they don't KNOW it's unhealthy? Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man.
  9. by   etzie
    I am a smoker also, and I only smoke on my breaks and at lunchtime. I can understand how nonsmokers and others feel about watching a smokers pts. that is sneekin' out for a quick smoke and I would never ask a fello worker to do this but,,, in turn it really bugs me when a fello worker wants to duck outside to use her cell to call a friend or "guy", or to take a personal call. That really bugs me....
  10. by   etzie
    Quote from Corvette Guy
    Second hand smoke is the reason a nonsmoker has the right to harass someone smoking.
    Sorry but that only gives you the right to voice an opinion, this in no way gives you the right to HARRASS anyone. As a smoker I would tell you that you didn't buy them so shutup and get on with your life.
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  11. by   etzie
    Quote from Shysdragon
    I wish that I was as erudite as you and I wish that I had all the answers as cynically put as you however I don't. I do however have respect for others and the choices that they make in life. I understand the reasons nurses and doctors smoke, you may or may not understand but that is a moot point as you have made you position quite clear in those respects. Maybe in your life you have not held a companion who is dying from one of mans nastier habits in your arms on a battlefield unfortunately I have. Maybe you haven't spent 24 hours working in surgery taking care of victems of mans other nasty habits such as drunkeness again I have. Maybe you live a perfect life in a perfect world where there is no stress I unfortunately don't. I smoke, I don't offer cigarettes to newborns, toddlers, or underage minors. I don't smoke if someone asks me not to and I don't find a high soapbox to espouse my rights regardless of the efforts of you and others like you. I do however find a modicum of happiness in a cigarette on a break or with a fine shot of scotch. This is my right as your complaining about smokers is your right. Until cigarettes are illegal I will smoke. I also work out 4 to 5 times a week and counsel my children about the dangers of smoking. If you are as you state so forcefully in favour of clean air, why not tell your congressman to replace coal fired generators, lobby for cleaner automobiles, and our factory stacks which bless us with acid rain. Smokers are a convienent target for anti's because as another mentioned its always the children. Do you pontificate as loudly against child abuse, spousal abuse, child porn etc... If you do my hat is off to you, if you don't then you are missing many avenues that could save and protect far more children then my Camel Wide Full Flavour ever harmed. Finally I find your attitude towards people who are not the barbie and ken image of anorexic america offensive and demeaning to all nurses and people in general. I am not a judeo christian but remember in your bible a warning from Christ that states do not try and remove the mote from your neighbors eye before removing he log from your own.
    THANK YOU enough said...
  12. by   ajcy
    Quote from Diahann Singh
    As health care professionals we are suppose to educate our pt. about the health risk associated with smoking;if we do it why should our pt's not do it, why should they listen to us. Are we immune from illness because we are health care professionals.
    "Practise what we preach."
    What about all the overweight nurses who are supposed to educate their patients on diet and exercise but clearly do not "practice what they preach"?
  13. by   Knoodsen
    I love this topic! Apparently, one simply needs to be a non-smoker to be a good nurse. All of my efforts to learn my job are wasted because I smoke, right? Passing the CEN and CCRN exams means nothing since I smoke. Guess what, my patients could care less if I smoke. They are real happy with my care because they can tell that I know what I am doing and I treat them the way I would want to be treated. I have never been accused of being unprofessional before. Thanks, RN 4 U. By the way, it's c-o-n-t-r-a-d-i-c-t-i-o-n (you misspelled it twice). Some people actually think spelling and grammar are a more important indicator of professionalism.