Nurse with Tourette's?

  1. Hello,

    I am thinking of going to nursing school and it is what I have always wanted to do, but I have the neurological condition Tourette's. There is so much misinformation about it out there, but my symptoms are mild. Just a few motor tics and an occassional vocal tic (nothing that can't be hidden as a cough or a sniffle).

    Anyway, my question was, do you work with any nurses who have Tourette's or any other type of tic disorder? Also, are you required to have a physical before employment? I am medicated and control my tics well, but Tourette's, unfortunately, does have a tabu stigma attached to it (thanks to Hollywood and the media) and I am wondering if this will prevent me from completing nursing school and getting a job.

    Anything you have to say would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Lacie
    I have never worked with a nurse with this but have worked with a physician who did. He was excellent and his patients loved him also. I do believe the condition made him a better physician in regards to his bedside manner and overall treatment of nurses and patients as a whole. His was mild to moderate and we would hear occasional outburst. He would joke afterwards at times or just say "It's the little bit of devil in me coming out" and laugh. I would say go for it and be upfront about the condition. If anything it may help educate those in your program and help do away with some of the stigma associated. Not only would you be learning you would be educating!
  4. by   santhony44
    I have also worked with a physician with Tourette's. He had a facial tic that got more intense when he'd concentrate but I didn't think it was anything major. I never heard any verbal outbursts and he was not medicated.

    If nursing is what you really want to do, go for it!!
  5. by   imorgner
    So glad to hear a few initial positive responses! Tourette's sure gives you thick skin (an asset in nursing as I understand it) and most of us are able to laugh at ourselves. I'd love to hear other replies...thanks so much for the encouragement from those of you that have already responded.

  6. by   Jules A
    I agree, go for it!
  7. by   TazziRN
    You have a disability but it doesn't sound like it interferes with pt care. Go for it and good luck!!
  8. by   lostfromlatex
    Hi imorgner,
    Go for it! I am a nurse who has Tourette's, no meds- too many side effects. I have been a nurse for 19 years and have never been denied a job. I have never mentioned that I have this condition, because it does not interfere with my job. I was a med-surg nurse for a couple of years, and have been an O.R. nurse ever since!. I will admit I was petrified to enter the O.R., because it was my first love, but I have never looked back.
    I scrub at the field with no problem. I will admit, you are constantly under the microscope,because everyone knows that there is something different. In my experience, I have found that medical personnel have been the most ignorant about this condition, and have made rude comments, but that never stopped me. Unfortunately, at the present my latex allegy is thwarting my career because I now have multiple food allergies that have been acute onset and it is going to end my career as an O.R. nurse. I know this is lengthy and my first entry, but I am honored to have addressed a fellow
    T.S. individual. Good Luck!!!!!
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  9. by   imorgner
    Thanks so much lostfromlatex. It is very reassuring to hear from someone with TS...yes it seems that often those who we'd expect to be understanding are the most "in the dark" and worst to deal with. It is great to hear that you have been working as a nurse for many years with really just is a part of us and I am relieved to hear that there are indeed doctors and nurses that work with it.

    Thanks again to everyone and from one ticc'er to another, THANKS lostfromlatex!!!