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I have applied for a Nurse Tech II position for this summer between semesters. If I am offered the job I can work through the summer and continue (with fewer hours!) once school starts up again. ... Read More

  1. by   Dolce
    Wow, sounds way different than my experience as a nurse tech. I was basically just a CNA with a different title. I performed all CNA duties--vitals, BGs, ADLs, D/Cing foleys, D/Cing IVs, ambulating patients, basic surgical preps, etc. It would have been awesome to have started IVs and Foleys, dropped NGs, done dressing changes and performed assessments but my state has really strict regs about what nurse techs can and cannot do. Regardless of my narrow scope of practice for that particular summer, I still learned so much. It was such a great learning opportunity for me and I would recommend it to anyone who has the chance.
  2. by   thida
    when you apply to work as a nurse tech, do you guys apply as CNA first then talk to the manager about the nurse tech or directly apply as nurse tech? The manager told me that they don't hire nurse tech in hospital. hmmm....
  3. by   pegbord
    Different hospitals do it differently. I wanted to apply for an MA position at local clinical. The requirements were that you needed to have CNA licensure. My Nurse Tech II licensure (which allows me to do more clinical procedures than CNA - as well as CNA responsibilities - was not acceptable -- weird); but that was because that particular clinic did not hire any Nurse Tech positions.

    The Nurse Tech position that I applied for was at a different hospital and only required that I have completed the first two semesters of BSN program.