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  1. laliza

    I passed!

    I used only one book, my problem before was too many books, too many different rationales and it got so confusing. Private message suzanne after you do the first part of her plan which is at the top of this NCLEX forum. I used Saunders 3rd edition and it was great. Good luck to you and do not give up! You CAN DO IT! I DID!!!
  2. laliza

    I passed!

    hey everyone ! I never post on here but I took NCLEX-RN yesterday and found out today I passed! I used Suzanne's Plan and let me tell you that I was ready to give up hope on this exam. I took it 6 times and with Suzanne's plan I finally passed. I also want to thank all the brave nurses on here that post their experience with NCLEX because it really helped me regain my confidence and now I can proudly call myself an RN! To those who have not passed keep trying we worked hard to get through school and its just a test KEEP TRYING! I did! Thanks to all of you:balloons:
  3. laliza

    Nurse Tech II

    i work as a nurse tech in a hosipital here in new mexico. as far as i know to work as a nurse tech you have to have your cna-as well as hospital training as a tech. through the hospital training you learn to insert foleys, ng tubes, give enemas, wound care, discontinue but not start iv's (er techs start iv's and they must have their current emt license). also included is am care, ambulation of patients, vital signs, and basic patient care. assessments and medications are the responsibilities of the rn or lpn. nurse techs are there as a support for the licensed nurse. although, we are supervised during training performing certain things such as ng tubes, or foleys. i work on a med/surg unit where there is opportunity for alot of experience. good luck on your job, its the next step to your goals!