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After yesterdays extra month of suspension for some silly hair debackle I thought I was making my trail by fire and all. Today i worked 10 hours and my "home" big unit with the same manager and... Read More

  1. by   adrienurse
    I think it's great that Mario is able to verbalize his anxieties rather then bottle them up and never learn anything. If anybody is bothered by them, they have the choice of avoiding his threads -- after all they do have his name on them.

    Free speech rules!
    Originally posted by Furball
    Wait a minute...someone named "FIFI" told Mario to "buck up" Why are YOU apologizing???
    Exactly. I'm confused. Unless gilda is cruising around these boards using 2 different names (unbeknownst to us), which, IMHO, is very uncool.

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  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by zumalong
    Mario--let the atoms lead you--
    Atoms themselves can not lead you. What can lead you is gravity. Atoms can be lead by radiation. Atoms can exist in disassociated forms. Energy holds atoms together. Energy can only be transformed, and you always loss some energy in the form of heat during transformations. I'm sorry :-(
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    Oh Fifi - everyone, let us not get too bucked up over this stuff. I like to find out about stuff, and the people on these boards are some of the most excellent people.
    I don't want your pity Fifi. And I am no self-made CNA. I had to drop all BS in my mind, and buck up to lots of women who teach care. Let us not forget no one is beyond reproach when it comes to emotional violence. Admittedly, I feel effected by it more intensely because of my DNA. I always score as near total feeling person on the Myers-Briggs. I don't want your pity.
    Those two posts I made but me in the debt of alot of people who helped me through an otherwize rough time with the sorry chemicals running through my limbic.sys. I hope yall forgive me and I really will thank everyone personally who helped me and think of you all in silent despiration when I encounter knowledge in this way from I love Fifi :kiss
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  5. by   FiFi
    I love the FiFi picture!