Nurse = Licensed Scapegoat...

  1. That's exactly how I feel right now. My facility accepts hoards of addicts who are just looking for a place to stay while they go out and smoke crack every night. Very few of them actually take part in their own healthcare. When they actually do decide to lift a finger to take care of themself, the nurse is supposed to cater to their every whim. I'm deeply saddened by the fact that my tax money is supporting these people and their habits.

    The worst part is that they're out drugging when I need to do their treatments and give their meds...then they get pissed when nothing gets done on time.

    This is the worst my floor has ever been. The last five admissions have been trouble:
    1) Bipolar prostitute drug addict
    2) Unaccountable & Entitled Bipolar guy who has been detained multiple times w/a hx of violent outbursts
    3) Drug dealer who parties every night and is entitled as well
    4) S*** stirrer guy
    5) Another guy who is OK and nice enough...but has occasional outbursts

    I don't know why we accepted the first four.
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  3. by   ceecel.dee
    I'm assuming you work in mental health.

    Don't you have contracts with your chronics? (I have no experience on a mental health floor, but just assumed that chronics would have to follow participation rules to be readmitted. And they are let out to "go drugging"? :uhoh21: This sounds like a dangerous place to work!)
  4. by   nurse_lilyjaderose
    That just sounds so weird. you let your psych patients out? or maybe you work in rehab? either place i've never heard of this. i know that in mental health you'll always come across a character or two... but this takes the cake! i think some revamping of the rules would be best for everybody involvled.
  5. by   StephMSeattle
    It's a combo rehab/LTC facility and our patients get to come and go as they please. We have very few LTC patients. Most of our patients come from an a nearby magnet hospital. We take everybody that noone else want to deal with. They're far more intense in a mental/emotional sense than a medical sense. Most can get around on their own and do what they want. Many are being tapered off of Methadone (and are still doing drugs at night). This is a crazy facility...

    I work there because it's the last stop at the end of the line for alot of the folks. Many of them will end up back on the streets. Alot of the patients have nothing to do with any of this and are level-headed and very cool. Most of the patients are in their 30's - 60's. We have a handful of elderly people and a few people in their twenties.

    I'm an LPN charge nurse (and a new grad). I figure that if I can work here, I can work anywhere...

    I do get tired of the entitled attitudes of the patients, though. They live hard and fast and think that we should all support their habits. All I hear about all day is that they need cigarettes. I am planning my escape at the beginning of next year!
  6. by   leslie :-D
    this place sounds pathetic. what does mgmt. say about them partying at noc?
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Places like this are just using government grant $$$ and its like flushing tax dollars down the toilet, IMO. I wouldn't work there either...find something more rewarding.