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:( Am I the only one who resents the "nurse impersonators" who abound in the health care field? Everyone who works at a doctor's office or in a hospital wears scrubs and seems to pass... Read More

  1. by   NurseDennie
    It seems to me that really a bigger problem is the ersatz nurses in the clinics and doctor's offices. NA or tech in hospital is not going to attempt to administer meds.

    How does a CNA or CMA get trained to give meds in the doc's office??? I may have already posted about the MA who gave a pt a Rx for Ampicillin instead of Ativan. I'd overheard the whole thing when the patient came back for another visit and her family were saying she was MORE nervous than she was before she started the medicine! And this was in an office where they have the computerized Rx system - the "Nurse" just prints a scrip off from the computer system and stamps it with the doc's signature stamp. Great for legibility, not so good for catching things like this.

    I'd have thought the computer system would help with cutting out mistakes like this, but obviously SOMEBODY needs to look at the Rx before it leaves the office!!!

    I've seen in another doc's office, MA's administer IV medications. Start the IV, mix the med and administer it!!!

    I don't like that one little bit. I mean, I've learned my lesson - if ever I'm in a doc's office and some "nurse" is going to give me an injection, *I* can demand to see the vial it's drawn up from, making sure that the med, dose and all that seem reasonable in my *professional* opinion. What about the rest of us, who go to the doctor, and not only don't know that this person is indeed Not a nurse, but don't have the experience and education to know that Amoxicillin isn't going to help my nerve problem?

    I'm thinking that in hospital situation, it's not a good thing, but it's not as dangerous as where there really ARE no RN's to supervise these MA's


  2. by   NurseDennie
    And (upon further thought) I have a big complaint about at least one of the "colleges" that turn out these MA's!

    There are TV commercials here for one school, and it just makes me grit my teeth! They do EVERYTHING wrong! They show the students measuring someone's height with his cap on!! They show the students practicing CPR on another REAL PERSON!!!!!!!! I can't remember anything else, but I think that's plenty!


  3. by   CRaynes1
    I am currently a Medical Assistant and working on my nursing degree. I believed that it would be an expansion of the knowledge that I felt that I already had. Boy was I wrong. It is an entirely different concept. One of the rules that I have made for myself is that when a patient asks if I am a nurse, I always respond, "No, I am a Medical Assistant, but I hope to be a nurse soon."

    I have, so many times, heard others in my office refer to, basically anyone in the office, as a nurse. It always bothered me before, but now it drives me nuts.

    Although, I have worked very hard for 16 years as a Medical Assistant, it is no comparison to what I am doing now and I am not even done yet. I want to EARN the title of Registered Nurse and hope to have made it clear to the others in my office that, until that time, I am still a Medical Assistant.

    If others wish to give themselves the title of nurse, then let them be the ones to explain their lack of credentials to a judge when a patient has been misled or, heaven forbid, becomes injured.
  4. by   EMaas
    There is always so much dislike portrayed for anyother healthcare profession than Rn and BSn on this board. If you're a CNA, EMT, CMA, tech or lab person, you're no good because, quite frankly, your NOT an RN. Goodness. What would you do without the CNA's to take the brunt of your work off your shoulders? Would you be able to function without them? Damn right you wouldn't. do you have time to do assessments, care, paperwork, draw blood AND run the labs yourself, feed your patient, take them to the bath room, bathe them, dress them..all this times 15 or however many pts you care for? can you really do it by yourself? Oh, I forgot, you're an RN= the only good healthcare professional according to this board!

    I know several people who have devoted their life to healthcare, as PCA's and CNA's and their neighbors and patients call them "nurses" because these caretakers did nurse thier patients. They cared for them, loved them, tended them and did all the dirty work noone else wanted to do....for far less money than the RN made for filling out the care report and being an highly paid secretary. A Nurse is someone who loves, and cares and goes teh extra step for their patient. An RN is a registered nurse. Anyone calling themself an RN, without having earned the degree, is at fault...but many people are nurses in their hearts and in their actions.

    Rn's in the clinic setting are losing their ground. Unless there is the need for IV's, they are not needed. You're just mad because the CMA's are pushing you out. Degrade them as you will, it's true and I'm sure many of them are doing a damn fine job! I've seen how you all bad mouth LPN's, too, so face it.... you're stuck on yourselves becaue your RN's. RN's belong in the hospital. That is where they are the most needed. Doctor's recognize the value of a good CMA...they can wrap two or three different professions into one and do it well. Like all professions, there are the good and the bad. My clinic has bumped all RN's except the lead triage RN and the chemo nurse. We simply don't need staff RN's working with our doctors. There is nothing they can do that the CMA's can't. So, now all you RN's getting passed over for the clinic job are mad because it's back to the hospital you go. Sorry...they don't need your 4 year degree to "take vitals and room patients". I'm sure any CMA off the street can do that, right?? Get a life! This board makes me so mad.

    I want to see you all run your job without your ancillary staff. That' right They are NOT RN's. If they wanted to be they would have went to RN school.
  5. by   RNKitty
    Whoa, ease up. The title of this thread is NURSE IMPERSONATORS. It is not "Chew up other health care workers and spit them in the dust". We are talking about people who, by legal definition, cannot call themselves a nurse, and yet mislead their patients into believing they are a nurse. We are not devaluing the work that other care providers offer.
  6. by   elish954
    Hi Nancy. I could not agree more concerning what the dress code at the hospital setting has done to our profession in more ways then one. i just replied to a post earlier concerning a disgruntled nurse being upset over having to wear whites. I, for one, would relish the thought of other staff/clients/ significant others of clients knowing who the RN's are by our dress code again. I was informed quite some time ago that the hospitals etc. did not mind others visiting their facility not knowing who the workers are because there are so many unskilled employes doing what the professionals used to do. I guess it all boils down to corporate greed. I also am all for making the staff keep shortened nails due to all the bacteria they can harbor. I would like to have the respect I remember RNs having in the past. I have heard some refer to the way some nurses dress as looking like ladies of the evening. Yes, I have also seen some with mini skirts, long dangling earrings, hair teased excessively and long red-painted nails. Wow, sure does'nt look professional. Well, I guess I have spoken my piece concerning scrubs vs dress to be able to identify who the RNs are vs impersonators. Best wishes Nancy. :>))
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Emaas -

    I assume that you're a CMA? I think you're looking at this as an "us vs them" issue. I don't see it that way.

    Doesn't it occur to you that the CMA's in the clinics and private practice office are being given the same responsibilities that the RN's have always had? Does that strike you as fair and reasonable? I don't!

    I am an RN. I was a tech (NA in hospital) and my training was repeated over and over "ask the nurse." As an RN, I don't relish having to make decisions that SHOULD be made by a doc. Okay, I press my opinion on the docs when it seems reasonable, but by Heaven, I know when I'm over my head. I've been known to tell the doc when he either a) asked what I wanted to do or b) told me to do what I wanted "Get your bum up here and act like a doctor."

    I have worked with some of the best techs in the world. They gave and give nursing care in the best, truest and most noble sense of the word. They *don't* administer medications, they *don't* make nursing diagnoses, they *don't* start, regulate, adjust, or stop IV's. They do enjoy a professional working relationship with the nurses, doctors and patients.

    I don't think we should fight amongst ourselves. I just don't think that people who don't have licensure should start, adjust IV's and nobody without a license should administer meds. Who benefits from that??


  8. by   EMaas
    Not only have I been a CMA for 6 years, I'm also an EMT and an RN student. I am frustrated at the whole start of this post because it has, once again, turned into a CMA bashing ground. I know several CMA's who come here as nursing students, looking for advice and encouragement and all they get is degraded. NO, I am NOT a nurse. I do not call myself a nurse. I DO triage. I Do invasive* procedures ( oh my!), like meds...even narcs...shame on me...and cathing. I give immunizations and IM antibiotics. I give allergy shots. Why? Because I have an Associate of Applied Science degree and a 9 month externship that trained me how. I have a state and national certification that says I'm competent and capable. I have an MD by my side if I ever have a question. I have an EMT registry that says I know something about emergency medicine. I go to countless CME to keep current, and know more about meds than some of my coworkers. And I have an RN superivsior who reveiws all of my triaging calls with me if I ever have a question. I am not incompetent or a blumbling idiot because I am just a CMA. I have the pleasure of working with 4 RN's in our combined hosl\pital/clinic who were CMA's before they were RN's and they are the only nurses I have ever known who have respect for what I am. I am a CMA because I wanted to be. I do my job well and frankly, I'm sick of this board hashing it out over CMA's. I know this was started as a nurse impersonator board...but guess who got cut on first. Yep, the lowly, unskilled, " I don't like them very much" CMA.

    As an RN I hope I always remember what I did before I got that golden, all-mighty nursing degree. And I hope I never, ever, ever, cut down on the MA's in my office they way this board does.

    If you call my office and get me in the triage room, chances are I will be able to help you, recognize your problem, or answer your question as well as the RN. If I can't, guess what? I'll have her take the call, or immediately check with my supervising MD like a responsible person would. Just for the record, I triaged a call the other day from a woman complaining of a headache. At the end of the call, I had sent her an ambulance.., she had had an MI. I listened, I analyzed, I used medical judement and formed an impression....not because I'm an RN, but because I'm a skilled, trained medical professional.

    I hope to have my RN degree finished next year. Maybe then you'll all recognize me as an actual medical professional. Maybe then I can come here and not be as truely offended and disheartned as I am now. Until then, I doubt I'll be visiting again. Great, I've vented. Somehow I feel worse.

    Happy nursing.
  9. by   elish954
    Hi there EMass. Please know that not all who enter and contribute to this post are bashing you. You should be proud of what you are doing and not allow what others state to be personally directed to you or other CMAs. I would hope that it is not really the case anyway. All I can say is that I am impressed with all you have accomplished thus far and wish you only the best with your upcoming degree in nursing. I am one who firmly believes in supporting each other, and realize the value in collegiality. Best wishes to you.... Elish
  10. by   Q.
    Oh Gawd. EMass...sorry to inform you but this thread is not about YOU. That is, unless you are committing a felony by impersonating a LICENSED NURSE.

  11. by   Nurse_Bonita
    I am a nurse's aide and a student nurse. I do NOT at all appreciate it when I am mistaken for a nurse. WHY? Because I know how hard LPN's and RN's work to get their title. In the nursing home I work at, our nurses wear either white or raspberry pink uniforms, aides wear ceil blue or patterns that contain ceil blue, laundry and house keeping wear what ever they want as long as it isn't aide or nurse colors. I still get called a nurse even though I am wearing aide colors and it says right on my nametag STNA (state tested nurse's aide)!!! I feel that it is disrespectful to those who have actually worked to earn the LPN or RN title and I haven't earned it yet, so I don't deserve it. Hope this makes y'all feel better knowing that not all of us enjoy getting mistaken for a nurse.
  12. by   WalMart_ADN
    hey emaas if you hate this board so much why do you keep coming back? and why are you in nursing school if you can't stand the way the "high and mighty"nurses act??

    and please don't get all "find in my post where i said that", i'm just asking because that's what I felt was implied.
  13. by   P_RN
    Once again I must remind, let's stick to the point. One who is a CMA...and I WAS one for 7 not impersonating a nurse!
    Someone who either says or implies that they are, is the impersonator.

    The woman who was giving the unorthodox intravenous "treatment" that led to the person's death....was referred in the news as A NURSE...that is an mpersonator, and THAT is what gives nurses the willies just to imagine being painted with the same brush.

    No one needs to take offense where none is intended.