Nurse Externships

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  2. I am a student nurse here in Atlanta (beginning this Fall) and often see job ads to be a Nurse Extern.

    Did anyone ever do this type of work while in Nursing school? Did it help? Will you be privy to some great learning experiences or will you do the same job as a CNA/PCT?

    Thanks in advance for all replies.
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  4. by   atenpen
    I'm finishing my last semester now. It has been our experience in Tennessee that externs do more than CNA's especially after you finish your first year of nursing school you get moved up to an Extern II and you do more things and get more pay as well. I don't know about doing it your very first year. I believe everyone that I know of waited until the summer after the 1st year. One thing I did notice is you have to be careful with doing a procedure the "hospital" way and the "school" way. Don't get confused.
  5. by   Karina212

    I did a student nurse externship my 3rd year of a BSN program. It was on a diabetes med/surg unit. It was a great experience. I learned so much. I would definately recommend it! We did a lot as externs including nursing assessments, charting, admissions, suctioning, tube feedings, dressing changes, etc. We weren't allowed to give meds, start IVs, or hang IV fluids. It really made the transition from student nurse to RN easier. It also allows to to see the "big picture" as we only get so much in school. Good luck if you decide to do it. It's well worth it!
  6. by   majrn
    If you have the oppourtunity to take an extern job, by all means, DO IT!! You will gain good experiences in the "real world". We all know that school and clinicals arent the "real world". I did it my senior year in nursing school and felt more prepared when graduation came. As an extern I was allowed to pass medications as long as they were reviewed with an RN, I obtained the meds according to the med sheet and then checked them with an RN. Now I wasnt allowed to give IV meds but could give po and IM meds. Was also allowed to do certain proceedures such as foley placement, ng and gtube feedings, ng placement, intermintent catherizations(urinary), discontinue iv sites etc................Good luck to you!!!!!
  7. by   BrandyBSN
    Could lead to lots of great experiences... and you will probably do more than a CNA, provided you are atleast half way through your program... you will probably be paid more too (atleast I would think that you would be). Our latest Extern is getting ready to graduate this may... and then she will be moving up the GN in the ER... she is awesome, has worked in Lab since high school and is our baby-blood hard stick queen. She can also practically lavage by herself and is getting pretty good at reading EKGs. Granted, I also really like her, and it will be nice working with another nurse that was born in the same decade as me. She has learned a LOT!~ and that got her a ER spot right after she graduates... If you can swing it, I say do it! No experience is "bad experience" if you learn from it.
  8. by   ptnurse
    I worked as an extern between my junior and senior year in school. If you have any opportunity to be an extern, take it. It was the most valuable experience that I had during nursing school. I learned sooo much and did it sooo fast. I had to think on my feet, do more than one thing at a time and basically got a REAL orientation to what it was to be a nurse. After I graduated, I stepped into the already familiar job of nursing with no problems at all. MAKE time to be an extern if you have to. I hope the experience is as valuable for you as it was for me.
  9. by   nursebucky
    You all have no idea how helpful you have been to me by responding. It really eases some of the anxiety of being cut loose so quick after nursing school.
    I think I will be comfy with starting IV's. I am a Phlebo and have no problems with the hard sticks at all. This board is the best thing since flavored coffee. I LOVE IT AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU. Expect to see more of me.
  10. by   MelRN13
    I worked as an extern and I thought it was a wonderful experience.
  11. by   laurainaz
    I am starting my orientation on June 2nd for my nurse externship. I was excited about it before, but now after reading all the replies I am even more excited!!! I am sure this is going to be an invaluable learning experience.