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Recently, I had a 5 day vacation at one of the local hospitals. I went to the unit that I previously worked and the staff was aware that I was a nurse who had worked their. Also, I was a personal... Read More

  1. by   Flo1216
    Zoe-as a CNA, I have had a hearing or visually impaired pt whom I didn't know was impaired until the poor pt asked me for help or told me of their disability. CNAS don't get report or anything so it is up to the nurse to tell us the things we need to know. OR esle we find out the hard way. There is SUPPOSED to be a sign above the bed but it is usually never there.
  2. by   Enabled
    Your right about the signs. We would put them up for just about everything such as hearing, vision, stroke, extremity not to take a bp in especially dialysis. I always gave report after I got report and eyeballed the situation and then we divided the tasks and if one finished before the other and we were having some time I would more than help a tech, LPN, family, or whomever else needed assistance. I have helped shrouded patients and bathed them in reference to what the situation was.
  3. by   P_RN
    Enabled you're preaching to the choir here. You and I could be mirror images except I'm 2 states north of Disney.

    I'm telling you now. Hospitals are full of sick people ---sick in the head and sick in the morals departments. Grubbing money hungry weasels.....clomping over our backs. THE $Dollar is IT!

    On Medicare...and let me tell you that showing that medicare card really makes you feel lower than the belly of a reptile....I take a LOT of medicines. No narcotics though so maybe I am tolerated because of that.

    I'd be glad to get off the pills, if they would give me my back and legs.......get rid of this depression, make my legs go in the same direction without tripping over my toes.

    Mind you I worked in one hospital for 22 years........I only was a patient there ONCE because I fell due to Meineires Disease. ALL other admissions, inpatient and the particularly horrid ER visits were at the other hospitals.

    Write it all up and get it published. I tried last summer with our local paper.....she read it and used words from it.....the, and, nurse,.......get the picture?
  4. by   Enabled
    I am sending a letter to the Vice Prez of Nursing services, the CEO and the nurse manager. Friendship can not blind my eyes when it comes to safety. My heavens how many other facilities are like this and no one knows about them. Or the mature much older woman or man Lives are at state. Hey if you want to landline some time use my personal email and we can exchane nos. That goes for anyone else. The calles will be after 9p weekdays and from Friday at 9pm to Monday at 7 am
  5. by   nimbex
    You've justified why each patient needs an advocate with them!!!! You are lucky enough to have the knowledge to ask the important questions.

    As nurses, we can teach our patients to be their own advocates.... " its 9am, what meds should you be taking and what are they for?" . "This is your digoxin, it strenghtens your heart, you need to check your pulse before you take it... here's how you count it....."

    My heart goes out to all floor nurses who are SO overloaded they can't provide safe and competent care.

    There are too many of them.... and too few of knowledgeable patients who know what to ask.... but we can change this!

    Wishing you health and happiness

  6. by   mattsmom81
    I agree there is hope this can be changed...when nurses begin speaking in one voice...and do it so that people pay attention. When we unionize and lobby for legislation to demand safe ratios we will have safer work conditions.

    Enabled, I am sorry you had this bad experience...I agree if you bring it to light it will be used to further punish the staff nurses most of whom are probably trying their best in understaffed and unsupported work settings. I hope you mention this fact in your letters of complaint.

    I've been a patient too and it can be scary today I agree. We can see why there are so many readmissions, why so much gets missed or mismanaged. Managed care and the $$$ forces much of this.
  7. by   Enabled
    Mattsmom, I do not want to see the staff 'punished' but maybe an inservice that could have the issues addressed. The hospital is the only one in the county that does have a union yet the administration steps over the bargaining unit and says there aren't the funds. Several nurses who had been there for years and went into low administration positions have been walked to the front door. There was a manager position available and one nursing administrator had been walked who was qualified. She was the manager of the ED before why wasn't she asked about the position. Many times the facility has offered early retirements by a year or have 'demoted' managers so that they did not have to pay the salaries. Many of these nurses had over 20 years there. If the monies are not there than why did they commission a sand sculpture of the new satellite hospital. That could have paid the salariy I am sure of maybe another PCT for a year. Then why did they build a new 50 bed facility at the end of the county and were just approved for another 50 beds when they can't care for those they have in the hospital and their extened care facility. They said they didn't have any problems getting staff members and already more than 250 physicians have applied for priviledges.
    Why aren't nurses paid more as they are the ones who get the patient to his or her optimum before sending home. It is the observations of nurses that intervene when an issue arises. The doctor is usually not complained about but the nurses are. We not only work for the hospital but the physicians indirectly. Yet at the holidays they are real generous with popcorn. Big Deal as some nurse has probably saved his/her A__S. Yet the nurse is niever given the credit.
    I am going to stress that I do not want this as a slam against the staff but possibly an educational experience. Most of the staff are required to work 12s in order to cover each unit. That is not fair to their family life if they expect to have one. I expected the staff to act as any "prudent" nurse would. This has been drilled into us since nursing school. I do not think it was prudent nursing. When you have to ask 8 times for a med that was listed as a prn on the meds as at home and then call the doc four hours after I started asking wasn't right as the med was on top when the nurse opened the med drawer. Here when they say meds as at home it is the list of meds. Occasionally and more frequently one has to bring in their own and it goes to pharmacy for id and returned to the patients med drawer with a hospital sticker on it so that it can be used. I am going to be cautious in my statement. As I have previously stated my fear is for those who have no one to look after them and be their advocate.
    Recently the Ca governor signed legislation for a 5 to 1 ratio on regular units. Allowances were made for specialty units. Kaiser the primary provider for most of the hospitals is pushing for a 4 to 1 ratio and return to primary care. Several other nursing associations are pushing for ratios. You can access your state nurses associaton to see if that is a legislative possibility. The only time I had that few was when I was just starting in nursing school in the Flinstone era. With the projection of the shortage Ca will be short over 125,000 nurses by 2015. Other states fall close behind.