NTI - The American Nurse Project, Carolyn Jones Interview

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    NTI - The American Nurse Project, Carolyn Jones Interview

    The American Nurse Project is a documentary about US, nurses in the US. Carolyn Jones, an award-winning cinematographer helps to show what we do in our daily work. She traveled the country for a year collecting stories, pictures, and videos of nurses doing what they do and helping people understand what we do.

    She interviewed hundreds of nurses in many specialties: home health nursing, disaster nursing, prison nursing, hospital nursing - all the places where we do our job. Via her movie, she brings the human element to the public as to what we do and take in stride. She honors nursing thru her journalistic efforts. The interviews are riveting:

    • A nurse from New York anguishes about "what if a patient died on my watch - this wasn't supposed to happen."
    • A home health nurse from rural Kentucky discusses black lung disease as a prevalent issue for her patients
    • A prison nurse in a maximum security facility laments about the spread of Hepatitis C in our prison system
    • A policy analyst nurse from Chicago discusses how public policy influences nursing practice

    AllNurses was fortunate to interview her at NTI recently in Houston. AN's Community Manager, Mary Watts, RN showcased this video and what it means to all nurses...

    Carolyn went on to discuss her upcoming documentary which will showcase five nurses in the US from varied backgrounds and career settings. Defining Hope focuses on a journey of investigating how we can make better end-of-life choices.We look forward to this new movie.
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  3. by   aflahe00
    An amazing documentary!
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    I took the opportunity to attend the premiere of the film May 8th, 2014 in Silver Springs MD, bringing my friend Elaine. What an inspiring night that was, re-igniting out nursing passions.
    Meeting Carolyn and getting my copy "The American Nurse" book (given to me by my staff) signed by her and the nurses featured in the film was a highlight of 2014.

    Carolyn's ability to capture nursing's essence in such a wide variety of nursing settings is truly amazing and unsurpassed in nursing's history.


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    For anyone feeling unappreciated, questioning why they chose nursing profession or facing burnout, visit the The American Nurse Project website to see interviews, view the books photo collections and learn more about the nurses behind the amazing photographs.