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  1. I just got my payment book for my first part of my loan that is due because I had some loans out for another degree before nursing. The problem is I don't have money to pay it without borrowing from the credit cards. They sent me a unemployment deferment request about a week ago, but after reading it I don't think I qualify. You see I'm working PT at a factory. I'm scheduled to work 32 hours a week, but they have been letting me work FT for the past couple weeks since we're busy. It says on the def. req. that you can only work 30 hours a week. I can just barely pay the bills now and still putting groceries on the cc every week. The loan place is closed until monday. Should I call and see if I can get a forbearance even though they did'nt mention it when I called? Or just borrow and pay it and they consolidate my loans in a couple months when the other payments start to come due?
    PS: I'm still waiting on the nursing job I accepted. Its contingency for now, but she said I could work as many hours as I wanted. I was planning on working there for 36-40 hours a week and then 5-10 more at the factory to help get caught up until I at least get hired in FT. Its been a week now, but she said it would be a week or 2 for the paperwork. I hope there is not a problem as the jail job and the other nursing home I applied at never called me back even thought they said they would either way.
    Or should I just send in the def. req. and hope they don't check my working status? I don't need any trouble. I think I have to go back to PT next week anyway. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. by   AprilRNhere
    I was told that you can ask for a forebearance for any questions asked. Student loans are federal, and they have their own set of requirements. It can't hurt to ask.
  4. by   sharona97
    They called my situation a hardship case that entitled me to fill out papers that would stop interest accruel for xxxxx amount of time.
  5. by   Jo Dirt
    If you don't get out of this cycle of living on credit cards it will catch up with you and eat you alive and all the dreams of a better life you would have with your nursing career will be flushed down the commode of high interest payments and late fees.

    If you have not heard of Dave Ramsey please go to his site and join. It will be well worth the $8.00/month. They will help get you started.